What to Feed A French Bulldog Puppy?

What to Feed A French Bulldog Puppy?

Are you wondering what to feed a French Bulldog Puppy?

A dwarf breed crossed between French Ratters and English Bulldogs, the French bulldog is brachycephalic and can have spinal and respiratory issues as well. Fortunately, however, they harbor no particular food sensitivities relevant to their odd medical conditions. In other words, you need not fuss too much about what can or can’t be included in your pet’s diet.

Nevertheless, there are a few feeding considerations normal to any other dog breed. For your small but sturdy pet to enjoy a healthier and fuller life, you must learn the basics on how and what to feed your French bulldog.

French Bulldog Diet

The French Bull Dog Club of America assures owners of this unique breed that there aren’t any specific guidelines on what to feed your French bulldog. Of course, like all other canines, your Frenchie is carnivorous by nature, and you must, therefore, stick to a meat-based diet plan in order to keep your pet healthy. Here are the best dog food for French Bulldogs:

Fresh or frozen meat slices

If you can afford the time, money and inconvenience, your dog would love to eat raw meat in the form of steak, ground beef, chicken breast, kidney, liver, heart, and bone, with some fruit and veggies (strawberries are a good idea) on the side for a healthier balance. You can opt for commercial raw diets but these can be pricey.

To spend less, you can prepare the meal yourself. Just make sure to strictly follow hygienic handling and preparation to keep bacterial contamination at bay. However, just to be on the safe side, do consult with your vet first before you decide on giving your Frenchie raw meat, since balancing this type of diet can be a bit trickier.


If you don’t have the resources to provide a meat-based diet for your little companion, might as well try the dry stuff that already contains meat, fats, grain, vitamins and minerals, and more. Most pet owners prefer kibble not only for its affordable price but also for its easy-to-digest feature. Just stick to premium brands, as these have higher protein and nutrient content and have fewer fillers.

We highly recommend CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

Canned food

This is nutritionally identical to dry food. However, you’ll have to spend more on canned food than on kibble, owing to its 75 percent water content, which means that bigger portions are necessary for obtaining the right calories.

Additional Feeding Tips

When calculating your Frenchie’s daily calorie requirements, his age, size, metabolism and activity level should be taken into account. Ask a vet if you’re not quite sure in this aspect.

Reading the label on the packaging is a good habit, especially if you’re still exploring and trying out different brands.

Never feed your dog chocolate

A tiny chunk can upset his stomach, causing diarrhea or vomiting. A large amount of chocolate can result in seizures, muscle tremors, internal bleeding, arrhythmia or a heart attack. The theobromine in chocolate is to blame since dogs get poisoned by this chemical.

Now, beyond learning the technicalities of what to feed your French bulldog, remember to consider your pet’s brachycephalic nature when choosing the right feeding dish. His short and wide snouts give him difficulty eating or drinking from a regular bowl. Therefore, choose one that is shallow enough to accommodate his oddly shaped head and mouth.

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