5 Reasons You Need a Dog Harness to Walk Your Pug

5 Reasons You Need a Dog Harness to Walk Your Pug

That face just melts your heart away. You know, those big, brown eyes and wrinkly skin. These are just some of the distinguishable characteristics of the breed known as the Pug. Some of the most active and lovable breeds that many people tend to own are Pugs. They have such unique characteristics that make pet ownership a true joy. Pugs have really big personalities packed into a smaller frame. You might even recognize that these breeds tend to have a witty sense of humor. Without keeping a watchful eye on them, they can get into mischief but you won’t be able to stay mad at them for very long. They do love and value human companionship, which is why it’s so important to keep them as happy and healthy as possible.

Of course, they need daily exercise just like other dogs. To expend their energy, you’ll want to take your Pug out for regular walks. Be cautious though because Pugs are also very sensitive to extreme weather conditions. If placed in the heat for too long, they can overheat easily so it’s important to get your doggie into a cool shelter as soon as possible.

After regular vet visits, food, water, shelter and love, one of the biggest necessities for your pet is a well-fitted harness, especially when taking them for walks around the neighborhood or city. Choosing the Best Pug Harness is essential to use when strolling around with your Pug. There are many benefits of using one and here are the top 5 reasons why.

  1. Prevents Choking

First and foremost, all dogs will pull on a walk due to their excitement and curiosity for being outside. Pugs, in particular, pull more than other breeds and without a harness, they can easily choke themselves out if you’re only utilizing a leash and collar. Although collars are a staple for dogs, they are not ideal when it comes to walking them. Using only a collar and leash is deemed as unsafe for their overall well-being and can cause them to injure themselves very quickly. So, ensure that your doggie is comfortable and receives the proper fitting for his/her body type. There are plenty of dog harnesses options available that are the perfect match for your little Pug.

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  1. Keep Them Safe

Aside from comfortability, a well-chosen harness to walk your Pug is something that will help keep them safe by your side. When walking your Pug, there is a high probability that you both will run into other walkers and dogs along your path. Plus, you may also be walking alongside a busy street with cars racing by. With the right harness, you can be certain that your little guy won’t break loose from the leash, especially when he gets overly excited. Collars may fit your doggie for everyday wear, but when he begins to pull, he can slip out of it and cause you running after him frantically. Harnesses keep Pugs secure and by your side.

  1. Training

When walking your Pug, this is an opportunity for you to also train him on doggie obedience. Pugs are very stubborn and can be a little more difficult to train than other breeds. They will challenge you because they want to test their limits. It’s just a part of their domineering personalities. Harnesses are a great way for your dogs to know when it’s time for walking so they become more aware of when these events occur. With consistency, these dogs will begin to equate harnesses and leashes with a chance to go outside. Also, it provides you a chance to keep them from jumping and getting into everything. Eventually, you’ll be able to give them more slack as they become more obedient and comfortable with the boundaries you’ve set for them.

  1. Ideal for Pugs - Respiratory Issues

Pugs are notorious for having respiratory issues. They wheeze, snore and snort a lot due to their body’s shape. They are top heavy so they may have problems with normal breathing. Pugs also have small snouts so their airways are not as open as regular bred dogs. A properly fitted pug harness to help walk your Pug is ideal for this health situation. It will alleviate the pressure placed on his/her chest and allow tug-free walking.

  1. Prevents Pulling

Any breed, especially smaller ones, tend to pull vigorously on a collar and leash. They are overly excited and inadvertently pull on the leash no matter how many times you tell them no. In order to combat this, owners should invest in getting their little breeds a harness in combination with the leash and collar. Harnesses are the perfect way to prevent your little doggies from doing this and hurting themselves. They are specially designed to prevent your Pug from pulling and providing the comfort and safety you want for him/her. As mentioned earlier, collars can choke your little pup so the harness can continue to prevent this while limiting pulling as well.

Owning a Pug can be challenging but still a very rewarding experience. They truly love being by their human and exhibit the loyalty that we all know and love about dogs. To reciprocate that loyalty, owners do their part in providing their Pugs with the best, optimal life. As a Pug owner, you are able to figure out ways to make him feel comfortable and healthy while still making him/her a part of your family. Although they require specific care, Pugs can be a great addition to your overall lifestyle.

Of course, walking your Pug is a great way to create a positive bond with your pet as well. You’re able to train him/her on proper walking guidelines and obedience in general. The best way to do this is with the right harness in combination with a leash and collar. Since they prevent choking, pulling, keeps them safe, provides training and are ideal for their body structures, it’s really a no-brainer as to why harnesses are essential to your dog’s everyday life. These top 5 reasons for obtaining a harness for your dog should be convincing enough. There are plenty of color and fitting options that will surely align with you and your dog’s personality types as well.



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