Are boston terriers good with kids?

Are boston terriers good with kids?

Boston terriers are one of the most popular breeds in America. They have been a favorite for years and they come with many qualities that make them a good choice for families. One question on people's minds is whether or not Boston terriers are good with children. This article will help answer that question and give you some insight into what makes this breed so great!

Are Boston terriers good with kids?

Yes, Boston Terriers are very gentle and patient dogs that can be great for children. They love to play, so if you have a child that likes playing outside this is the perfect breed. However, they do need some training as well since they enjoy chasing anything from squirrels to people. So it's important not only to watch your dog but also keep an eye on your kid! But most importantly remember: these types of breeds require more attention than apartments or condos typically allow - check out how much space required before adopting one!

in addition to giving insight into what makes this breed so popular among families , we hope you can rest assured knowing that these dogs are typically great with kids.

A Boston terrier is a breed of dog known for its short stature and mild temperament. They get their name from the city of Boston where they were first bred by Irish immigrants in the 19th century to be stocky, tough little bulldogs used as ratters on ships or farm workers chasing down pigs! The American Kennel Club recognized them as a new breed in 1887 but they became popular in America after President Theodore Roosevelt owned one!

The typical boston terrier weighs between 12-18lbs (or just over five kilograms) and stands anywhere between nine inches to ten inches tall at full grown - not including hair height which can range anywhere from four inches to six and a half inches.

Their lifespan can be anywhere from 13-15 years on average which is pretty good for a small breed!

Boston terriers are known for their short stature, not including hair height; they usually weigh between 12-18 pounds (or just over five kilos) when full grown - with an average life expectancy of around 13-15 year...


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