Best Dog Costumes 2019

Best Dog Costumes 2019

Do you want to find the Best Halloween Dog Costumes?

Then you've come to the right place. But first here’s a bit of a Halloween history lesson, in the northern hemisphere, Celtics and Pagans believed that with the end of the summer season and autumn harvest time, people who died over the past year travelled over to the next word and it was believed all the spirits or ghosts were lingering around temporarily and walking amongst the living bringing poor health to many and killing off crops.

The Celts called it Samhain (pronounced sow-win) where on 31 October dance and sing around bonfires and dress dead animal skins and wear scary masks as a way of honoring the dead and requesting they pass through without causing grief to the living and avoid turmoil. Fast forward 2000 years and we now jack-o-lanterns, celebrities dressing up as superhero characters and little kids knocking on doors for candies. But let’s be honest, our favorite part about Halloween is dressing up our dogs in Halloween costumes! Why? Because who doesn’t love a dog in a Halloween costume?

We’ve decided to put together a compilation of the best Dog Halloween costumes and share it with you all to have a bit of a giggle but also be inspired when you think about your very own Frenchie Halloween costume. If you’d like to submit your best French Bulldog Halloween outfits please post on our Facebook Page wall Tobychews!

Best Dog Halloween Outfits 2019

1. Bumble Bee Costume

This was Toby’s very first costume when he was 6 months old! It fitted him perfectly, Toby is a big boy so we purchase him an XL. The fabric has a great stretch to it and fitted his chest, arms and belly well. Needless to say, he turned heads when we brought him to the park! This is one of our favorite costumes! So adorable.

French Bulldog Clothes Bumble Bee Outfit

2.Onesies  /  Pet PJ’s - CuteBone

How adorable are these little pajamas! I’m in absolute love with these onesies which can double up as cute French Bulldog Halloween costumes, Toby’s friends are featured in playful dinosaur and banana print pajama sets. They come in different designs and colors but we couldn’t go past the banana design!

French Bulldog Onesies Pajamas

Grab Your Frenchie Onesies by Clicking Here!

3. Dog Tarantula Outfit

Do you have any friends scared of big hair spiders? Why not play a naughty little prank and have your French Bulldog the best Halloween costume of all time! The Frenchie Tarantula costume. This costume is very easy to put on as the legs are attached to the harness-like design. Your Frenchie will sure steal the attention at the Halloween Party!

French Bulldog Clothes Spider Tarantula Costume

Grab Your Tarantula by Clicking Here!

4. Dog Triceratops Costume

French Bulldog Halloween costumes sure make people smile and laugh but if your Frenchie is donning this unique Triceratops headwear he’ll be EVERYONE’s favorite! Just look how adorable Martin looks in this picture! A little glum here… but I think he’s happier in his butterfly Halloween costume!

French Bulldog Clothes Dinosaur Outfit

Grab Your Triceratops Outfit by Clicking Here!

5. Dog Butterfly Costume

There we go, a happier Martin! You probably don’t need an excuse to dress your French Bulldog up in this outfit. Similar to the Bumble Bee outfit the headpiece is not attached the harness piece which will give your Frenchie more movement, however, they may paw off their little headpiece so just make sure to have your camera on standby!

French Bulldog Clothes Butterfly Outfit

Grab Your Butterfly Outfit by Clicking Here!

6. Dog Pirate Costume

Who doesn’t love a little pirate wandering the streets or corridor? Especially when they look this cute in an outfit! This is another one of our favorite French Bulldog costumes, it is relatively easy to put on and sizing is true to the measurements, we bought a size up for Toby to allow more space around is chunky chest! The hat just tops it off.

French Bulldog Clothes Pirate Outfit

Grab Your Pirate Outfit by Clicking Here!

7. Dog Cowboy Rider Outfit

A classic French Bulldog Halloween costume, you’ve probably seen this costume on Instagram and Facebook so we just had to include this one. Ridiculously funny when your Frenchie waddles around as the Cowboy swishes side to side making it look like he’s really Yi-Ha’ing on your Frenchie!

French Bulldog Clothes Cowboy Rider Outfit

Grab Your Cowboy Outfit by Clicking Here!

8. Dog Delivery Boy Costume

Just because… French Bulldogs are the only dogs in this world who could make a boring brown uniform looks fantastically cute!

French Bulldog Clothes Delivery UPS Outfit

Grab Your Delivery Boy Outfit by Clicking Here!

9. Dog Teen Titan – Robin Costume

It’s Batman and Robin! If your Frenchie has a best friend or has a cheeky little sidekick make sure to pair up and purchase Robin and Batman French Bulldog Halloween costumes. Imagine two Frenchie waddling around together in these nifty costumes! Can’t go wrong with these dynamic duos!

French Bulldog Clothes Teen Titan Robin

Grab Your Robin Outfit by Clicking Here!

10. French Bulldog Wonder Woman Outfit

We all know Wonder Woman would kick butt if she were to go against Batman and Robin! Show the boys up with this super cute French Bulldog Halloween costume. Everyone would take selfies with your Frenchie.

French Bulldog Clothes Wonder Woman

Grab Your Wonder Woman Outfit by Clicking Here!

11. Dog Pope Outfit

I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling looking at French Bulldogs or any kind of bulldog dressed in a Pope Halloween costume. I mean…how could you not look at this picture and smile? The detailing of this costume is wonderful with big paw prints donning the sash.

French Bulldog Clothes Pope

Grab Your Pope Outfit by Clicking Here!

12. Dog Mexican Poncho

This Mexican Poncho fits so well on a French Bulldog because it embraces their body no matter how big or small they are. The Poncho’s bright colors would suit any kind of colored Frenchie but look amazing on brindle and black Frenchies. The hat is my favorite part and pulls the costume together!

French Bulldog Clothes Mexican Poncho

Grab Your Mexican Poncho Outfit by Clicking Here!

13. Dog Batman costume

Who is the biggest superhero of all time? Batman, of course, he’s even more of a hero if he has bat ears too! Winston looks adorable in the Batman suit, the cape is detachable from the body suit which is great as you can adjust it to suit your French Bulldog’s neck and body length.

FFrench Bulldog Clothes Batman Outfit

Grab Your Batman Outfit by Clicking Here!

14. Dog Lobster Costume

We could not go past this French Bulldog Halloween costume and HAD to add it to the list of the Best French Bulldog Halloween costumes list. It reminds me of a cuter version of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. This is such an easy costume to dress your Frenchie in and the fit is perfect, sizing chart is available here.

French Bulldog Lobster Outfit

Grab Your Lobster Outfit by Clicking Here!

15. Dog James Bond Costume

Shaken, not stirred.

Have your Frenchie look incredibly dapper with this Halloween costume! Simple and elegant just like James Bond himself. It will surely catch some ladies eye!

French Bulldog Clothes Jame Bond Costume

Grab Your James Bond Outfit by Clicking Here!

I hope you enjoyed this fun dog costume article and loved all the cute outfits. Please let us know which was your favorite outfit in the comments below.


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