Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs

Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs

Just like humans, our pets deserve the best and wholesome diet. This means a diet rich in protein, vegetables, and whole grains will provide your dog with best nutrients. French Bulldogs require a nutritious diet that helps to maintain their muscle and skeletal structures. The best kind of diet is a raw or home-cooked one but let’s face it, not everyone has the time or resources for that. Instead, there are some great options when it comes to commercial grade products that you can look into when buying dog food for your Frenchie. There are even options for getting kibble feed that holds the same nutritional benefits as raw dog food. Here are some helpful tips for buying the best dog food to feed your French Bulldog.

Where to Buy French Bulldog Dog Food: Know Your Source

When it comes to high-quality food, the location of your purchase matters just as much as the food. You should be aware that buying food from a big chain store will most likely not be the best for your little pet. More local shops and those that specialize in pet food is more probably going to have higher quality pet food available. Online marketplaces are also very popular and provide the convenience of delivery without having to step foot into a store. Amazon has a large selection, and you can narrow it down by breed and type of kibble you are looking for. Royal Canin has a brand that is specially made for French Bulldogs and their nutritional needs.

A good rule of thumb to go by is typically the price. Cheap food is going to rear affordable product. Do some research and find a source that will be average in pricing and provides nutritional benefits for our favorite additions to the family.

Ingredients to Look For: Dogs Are What They Eat

Foods that are rich in protein, vegetables, and whole grains are the ideal type of this small breed. It should also be noted that foods that are soy and grain free are the best when it comes to food for any breed. Soy and grain products can be taxing on a dog’s digestive system as well as their skin. French Bulldogs’ skin is sensitive and can have allergic reactions to soy and grain. When you make your dog food, you can control the ingredients and limit processed toxins from entering your pet’s digestive system.

Transitioning Your French Bulldog to Healthy Food

Before you began reading this, you may have thought, wow, there is no way that you have been giving your dog this healthy for a meal each day. Have no fear. It is never too late to start transitioning your dog into a more robust meal plan. You can slowly put them on a healthier meal track, and they will soon become accustomed to it.

Say you are planning to make their food. You can start with using a slow cooker as it makes meal prepping as easy as, well, you get the point. Merely add skinless, boneless chicken, carrots, green beans and some brown rice. Be sure that you do not add any salt or seasoning. Dogs will eat the food plain, and your French Bulldog will surely enjoy it. A raw diet is raw meat and vegetables. Raw red meat is typical of a healthy diet for doggies. Be cautious when serving your French Bulldog any vegetables and ensure that they are only types that can easily be digested. Foods that are more difficult for them to digest are avocados, asparagus, and mushrooms. All of these contain toxins that can be harmful to our little pets.

Don’t have a lot of time? Honest Kitchen has an excellent alternative for those who lack the time and resources to make their own, healthy dog food. Their foods are non-GMO and dehydrated from natural foods. You can also trust that their company motto is to provide the highest quality food and service to meet the needs of an organic and natural seeking consumer market.

Snacks and Treats For French Bulldogs

The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving your Frenchie snacks or treats. Many dogs can have fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, and pears. These high-fiber fruits will keep your little one’s digestive tract healthy while providing natural nutrients at the same time. Be sure to cut the fruit up and remove any seeds and pits to prevent the risk of choking and obstruction in the throat.

Dog treats are also very easy to make at home. Many recipes can be found online and these, too, are low on ingredients and high in nutrients. A lot of recipes call for ingredients that many people have already laying around the kitchen. Peanut butter and oats are common ingredients for making your dog treats.

What it All Comes Down to

There are two of the most important things to remember when getting food that is best for your French Bulldog. The source of your Frenchie’s diet is essential to ensuring quality and care. The variety of food is also a determinant of your dog’s overall health. Quality food will deliver quality results, hands down. The manufacturer should be someone who is trustworthy and credible enough for your most valuable pet. Of course, the highest recommendation is to make your food for your Frenchie. They will benefit from having real ingredients that you can control on your own. When it comes to cost, depending on how well you budget groceries, you can save a significant amount versus buying kibble.

French Bulldogs are part of the family. We want to ensure that we provide them with the best diet that will help them live the most optimal life. By taking them to regular veterinarian visits and feeding them a high, quality diet, French Bulldogs can focus all of their attention on providing you with the utmost unconditional love. They will surely thank you for taking care of them with the best life and food.

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Porkypaws Team - April 26, 2018

Hi Christy,

We always attempt to feed our Frenchies whole foods, this includes boiled chicken, brown rice and frozen veggies. We mix Ivory Coat kibble with their food for extra protein. If you can give your dog whole clean food you’ll find their digestion gets better over 1-2 months. Try and look for kibble without wheat or grain!


Porkypaws Team - April 26, 2018

Hi Kelly Smith,

Puppies tummy’s are sensitive at a young age. From experience we always feed puppies below 3-4 months of age the same type of food their were brought up with by your breeders. If you are looking to introduce new food do it slowly and mix it with their current food so it’s a gradual change to their diet. 6 months and above we started to introduce blueberries to our Frenchies, they love it and good source of antioxidants.

Hope this helps!

Kelly smith - April 25, 2018

Hi.i have a boy Frenchie he is 14 weeks old, can I give him fruit as snacks and if so what for my baby boy? Many thanks.

Christy - March 7, 2018

Hi! I have fed my frenchie with Royal Canin since he got home. Somehow it seems to be he’s allergic to “human food” every time he has eaten a piece of fruit, even a grape, he gets sores all over :( I want to feed him with the right food. Would you say there’s something wrong with RC? What can I try with my frenchie? Thanks in advance :)

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