Boston Terrier Life Expectancy

Boston Terrier Life Expectancy

Boston Terrier Life Expectancy

Boston Terrier Life Expectancy

With genetics and mother nature aside, it is highly possible to provide the most optimal life for your dog. By taking care of your pet, you are giving him the best chance possible to live his best life. Boston Terriers are certainly a breed that can live a long life. In fact, they are expected to live up to 14 years old or longer, depending on care. Of course, you can definitely help your Boston Terrier with seeing these long years by following some of these tips.

Take your dog on regular walks and provide plenty of daily exercise

Along with a healthy diet, your Boston Terrier should be getting ample amounts of exercise. Physical fitness is important for his body and organs. Built with such a small frame and respiratory issues, taking him on regular walks would help make him stronger overall. Remember to use a dog harness when taking him out on walks. Using a Boston Terrier harness would significantly decrease chances for your little guy to choke himself out while keeping him secure at your side at all times. The moment a dog slips through his leash, the more chance he is putting himself and you in danger. Secure him with the right resources to keep a peace of mind.

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Lastly, don’t forget to bring along water for your Boston Terrier. Since he tends to have respiratory issues, you will want to keep him hydrated and provide him with multiple opportunities to rest during the walk, if needed. He can get pretty winded easily, especially when he’s overly excited from being on the walk. If it happens to be cold outside, have a few chew toys on hand to play fetch, He can easily get some exercise in doing this and it will definitely keep him entertained for a while.

Provide a safe and comfortable space.

Just like with humans, dogs need a safe and comfortable space to sleep in. Be sure to keep all items that would be harmful to your pup out of reach. This means not giving them easy access to trash cans or any other dangerous areas in and outside the home. When you’re away at work, have your dog in a kennel or confined area so he feels safe upon your absence. Put a nice and soft bed in that space and be sure you give him access to clean water. Boston Terriers can sometimes feel a little anxious when their owners aren’t home, despite their well-known independence. You can help to alleviate this by placing a towel or blanket over their kennel walls to give them more of a sense of safety. The bonus here is that you’ll feel more confident that your dog isn’t roaming endlessly around your home while he can relax until you return home.

Feed your dog a healthy and nutritious diet.

You are what you eat. This isn’t any different when it comes to our pets. Feeding your dog a healthy and nutritious diet is important to keep his body at its best. Opt to feed him food that is whole and full of nutrients. Try to avoid food high in preservatives and fillers, which can only make your dog more irritated and/or increase health issues. The best rule of thumb is a diet high in protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. If buying packaged foods, make sure the first ingredient is some form of meat. This is a good indicator that the food was made with real ingredients and care.

Eventually, you may want to choose to make your pet’s dog food on your own so you can control your ingredients for your little guy. This would be ideal in order to avoid any foods your dog may be allergic to. Some owners have even been known to feed their dogs a completely raw diet, taking them back to their ancestry mannerisms.

Get regular vet check-ups.

No one ever enjoys going to the doctor. However, it is definitely a necessity when it comes to taking care of your dog’s health. Veterinarians may be scary but they are trusted professionals who have your dog’s best interest at heart. When you take your dog in for regular check-ups on an annual basis, your vet will be able to keep vaccines up-to-date as well as identify any health issues. The sooner you are able to spot something that can be problematic, the better it is to treat it and prevent further complications to your Boston Terrier later.

Your vet will also decide if it is time to get your doggie a good dental cleaning. Vets typically check for teeth and gum decay when conducting exams. This is a good indicator for them when determining the health of an animal. Healthy gums would be pink with white teeth while poor hygiene would be revealed through tartar and blackening decay. See your vet about checking your dog’s teeth and maintain them if necessary.

Don’t forget to give your dog lots of love.

The most inexpensive, yet valuable, thing you can do for your dog is to give him the most love possible. As canines, Boston Terriers certainly love the attention they get from their owners. They will remain loyal to their pet owners and crave laying in their laps all day long. With that, you can reciprocate by just offering your time and affection. Your dog will be happy and this is great for anyone’s emotional and physical well-being.

Pet ownership definitely has its great perks. You feel more empowered and a sense of purpose when you have the opportunity to own such a loyal animal. Boston Terriers are definitely high in the rankings of fun, hyper and loyal. This is why it’s so important that pet owners take necessary precautions to ensure these animals live to their highest potential. By following these tips, you can be sure that you and your little doggie will be enjoying a great life together.

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