Boston Terrier - Temperament & Personality

Boston Terrier - Temperament & Personality

Boston Terrier's Temperament And Personality

Boston Terrier Temperament And Personality

Like all other dogs, a Boston Terrier's personality varies from individual dog to another. Some are needy, some are independent, some are stubborn and some are overly loving.

In general, the Boston Terrier is an energetic, loving and playful dog that is great around children and old people. They are great with other family pets.

Their loving nature shines through their emotion-filled eyes and you will soon find yourself falling in love with your Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers have also been known to be emotionally in tune with their owners and will spend extra effort to make sure that they comfort you when you are sad or depressed. You will soon learn that your Boston Terrier always wants to be around you when you are home and will be upset when you leave for work.

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If you want a dog that is:

  • Small with big beady eyes
  • Active and playful
  • Loves to spend time with you and chase balls
  • Great around kids. old people and other pets
  • Has an easy-to-care-for coat
  • Great for small apartments

A Boston Terrier is for you.

If you DON'T want a dog that is: 

  • Prone to health problems
  • Slow to housebreak
  • Gassy
  • Can be stubborn

A Boston Terrier isn't right for you.

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