Collar vs. Harness? Which is Best for Your Dachshund?

Collar vs. Harness? Which is Best for Your Dachshund?

Dachshunds are one of the most novice owner-friendly dog breeds out there. They are independent and do well with children. They don’t shed much and can adapt easily to small or large homes very easily. However, it’s also important to remember that these breeds can be very territorial and may be protective against other dogs or strangers. This is why it’s important to get the right protection for your doggy that will help protect him as well as others around him. This protection comes in the form of either a collar or harness.

The ongoing debate for pet owners has always been whether they should get a collar or a harness for their pets. When it comes to Dachshunds, choosing the right one for your companion is important in keeping him comfortable and safe. In reality, both will do their jobs but there are certainly advantages with one over the other. For some, it will depend on the breed and level of activity that owners plan to provide for their pets. For others, it may have to do with cost. Either way, we aim to help you make a decision when it comes to providing your Dachshund with either a collar, harness or both!

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Collars are a staple when it comes to arming your pet with necessities. They come in multiple sizes, colors and styles. For Dachshund owners, this is one of the first purchases they’ll make along with identification and a leash. As for advantages and disadvantages, collars exhibit some of the following characteristics that help owners determine what’s best for their pets.


Dachshunds have a medium level of need for physical activity, especially as they begin to age. All dog need ample exercise and collars usually work well for breeds that are not prone to pulling. As a puppy, dachshunds may exhibit a lot of extra energy, which means they should be walked on a regular basis. Collars promote them having restraints attached as well as identification in case they slip out.

There are also slip versions for breeds with smaller necks. They prevent dogs like dachshunds from slipping out of their collars, which makes it a little more reassuring for their owners. These collars tend to have small prongs that will alert a dog when he’s pulling and prevent him from doing it. However, these would be more ideal for larger breeds.


Although there are collars made to prevent pulling, some dogs will disregard, especially if they are very excited. This may lead to your Dachshund from choking himself on a walk and while he pulls, it can lead to a neck injury. With how active and playful they can be, Dachshunds may pull too hard and really hurt themselves using a collar. Ideally, collars are meant to be worn around the house, not for active little breeds like these guys.


On the contrary, owners may prefer to use a harness on their pets to ensure their safety. Harnesses provide owners with a chance to adjust the fit and style that meets their pet’s needs. There are even types that allow an owner to either attach it from the front instead of the back, depending on your breed type and size. Some might say that a harness is more preferred over a collar and the pros and cons below will help you decide on the best one for your little companion.


In terms of safety, harnesses surpass a collar by far. They are much more comfortable and ensure that your dog is secure at all times. They have a less chance of slipping out of them and assists owners with training their Dachshunds. Harnesses limit pulling and give owners a better sense of control over the dog. Dachshunds are much less likely to injure themselves and jump on people when they are secured inside a harness. With so many options available, it’s easy to find one that aligns with each dog’s style and needs.


There are types that have a front attachment option. Although more rare, these were made primarily for larger breeds. For small breeds such as Dachshunds, they can be uncomfortable and cause more injury if your little guy were to make any abrupt movements or pulls. Harnesses that attach from the back would be more ideal in this case. Another con to having a harness over a collar is that it could be uncomfortable for everyday wear. Your Dachshund may start to feel restricted from having a harness around his entire body, especially when he’s sleeping and lounging around the house. So, a collar might be more conducive in his normal, non-active days.

And the winner is...

Either one! Here’s why:

Between the two options, collars and harnesses serve great purposes for your pets. When it comes to the debate of collar vs. harness, it really just comes down to what you and your pet need for your lifestyles. Those who live in larger homes may take their dogs on walks more often than those who reside in apartments. Although all dogs should have access to ample amounts of exercise, levels will vary for every owner and his/her pet.

One major recommendation is that you should actually invest in having both a collar and a harness for your pet. A collar can be used for everyday wear, especially when your Dachshund is hanging around the house. Then, have a harness ready for when you’re ready to take him outside, whether it’s around the neighborhood or at a local dog park. Your Dachshund can even wear both at the same time without any discomfort. Leave your harness by the door so it’s ready for when you decide to take your Dachshund for a stroll.

An important thing to always remember is that your dog should have identification attached to his collar/harness. If he were to get loose, identification would help bring him home safely to your arms.

Now, all you need to consider is what style and comfort you’re looking for and from there, you can choose the best collar and harness combination for your special little Dachshund. He will surely thank you for it.

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