Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Do Boston Terriers Shed?

Dogs are certainly on the top of the list for pet ownership. There are lots of great reasons for why people love dogs. They are playful, loyal, cuddly and make great companions for people of all ages. However, for some people, not all breeds are completely compatible with their allergy preferences. This is why more and more owners are opting for hypoallergenic breeds.

One particular breed that is on the list of hypoallergenic-friendly types is the Boston Terrier. They do have shorter coats and shed much less than other dogs. Since they do shed, it’s important that as their owner, you ensure that you properly take care of them during the process. Here are some tips on how you can help your Boston Terrier minimize his shedding for both of your benefits.

Reduce Your Dog’s Level of Stress

People may believe that dogs have the easy life. All they do is eat, sleep and play all day, right? This is true to a certain extent. It does not mean that they are not prone to becoming stressed.  Stress can induce a lot of negative physical effects on the body. When people get stressed, they tend to gain or lose weight, become very fatigued, experience hair loss or some even break out into stress rashes on their skin. If your dog is stressed, he would begin to exhibit that through unhealthy habits and physical traits as well. One of which, his coat would suffer. There are many ways that you can help reduce your Boston Terrier’s stress. One way is to give him some time to play around the house. Get him some toys and play fetch with him a few times a week. Be sure to keep him on a consistent routine as well.

Another way to reduce his stress is by taking your doggie out for regular walks. This will get him out of the house and exercise on a consistent basis. Be sure that you utilize the proper resources such as a well-fitted collar, leash and harness. A dog harness is ideal for keeping your Boston Terrier secure and safe on any length of a walk. Particularly, you can opt to find one that is made perfectly as a Boston Terrier harness. The Little Robots option is perfect for comfortability and obedience training. Not to mention, the color scheme is great for your little guy’s rambunctious personality. Overall, giving your dog ample amounts of time outside and exercise are sure ways to keep him stress-free and shedding less around you.

Lastly, you may want to limit the amounts of stress in the home. This means that you can provide him with a comfortable and safe space to sleep in such as a kennel. If he gets stressed out, he can go into his kennel to feel more secure. Make sure you provide him with plenty of blankets inside. This will enhance his comfortability as he sleeps.

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 Bathe and Brush Your Dog Regularly

When your dog receives proper hygiene care, you can ensure that he will have a healthier coat. Bathing your Boston Terrier ensures that you remove all dirt and irritants. Plus, using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will take off any excess hair from your dog’s coat. This is also your opportunity to get into the habit of brushing your dog’s hair regularly as well. Doing so will help to take off any loose hairs and prevent them from being around your home. You will also be able to check for fleas or ticks, which will keep your pet happy and healthy overall. Not all brushes are made the same though. Be sure that you get a brush that is soft and sturdy enough to do the job correctly. 

Feed Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Just as with humans, diet has an influence on hair health and growth. So, another way to keep your dog’s coat as healthy and shiny as possible is by feeding him a proper diet. This diet would include one filled with a lot of Protein, Omega-3 and Healthy Fats. The fats will assist your Boston Terrier with minimizing his shedding.

Of course, ensure that your dog also has access to clean, fresh water. This will keep him hydrated, which is good for his skin and coat. Be mindful of the type of food brands you feed your dog as well. Opt for healthy and non-GMO made foods to keep your dog’s level of exposure to preservatives to a minimum. One recommendation is that you can always make your own dog food. At least this way, you can control the ingredients and ensure your dog is getting the best food possible.

Visit the Veterinarian on a Regular Basis

As with any dog, it is essential that you get your dog regular check-ups with his veterinarian. Humans get check-ups every year and this applies to our pets as well. If you notice your pet scratching more normally than he does, it may be time to get him checked out by his doctor to rule out any skin issues. Your vet can also check for fleas and ticks, which are common culprits for uncontrollable scratching in dogs.

Regular check-ups are times for your vet to check for common health-related issues that may not be noticeable at home. Keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations and dental care will certainly help to keep him as healthy as possible. Your vet is the best person to offer you care instructions and advice for your doggie, empowering you to be a responsible and effective pet owner.

Boston Terriers make great companions for people of all ages. These little guys pack a big personality in their small little bodies. They do tend to display “big-dog syndrome” characteristics but that’s true of most small breeds. As lap dogs, they can be very lovable and loyal to their owners. The great thing is that they are allergy-friendly, which makes it much easier to bring them into any home. Now, you can do other things in addition to preventing their minimal shedding. By following these tips, you can help your doggie keep a healthy and shiny coat with fewer amounts of hair all over your home.


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