French Bulldog Bath Time

French Bulldog Bath Time

Watch Onny enjoy his bubble bath, we need to get him squeaky clean before his photo shoot with our favorite harness brand PORKYPAWS


Hi Everyone, today we'll be bathing Onny, he is 15 weeks old. He loves his bubble baths and today we'll be bathing him in this large basin. Sometimes we use the bathtub. But because he's still a little baby, he can fit in perfectly

Step 1 is to make sure the water is lukewarm, the way to test it out is to put your hand in it here obviously to make sure it is lukewarm.

I like to make the water just a tad bit cooler, just because I don't know whether or not he'll like it at this warmth. I personally like it at this hot baths, but Onny may not like it.

Bath time.

There you go. Do you like your bubbles?

I have just normal dog shampoo. I bought this one from a dog pet store and I just take a 50cent piece and I just put it on the back of his neck.

I think he is peeing. This is the first time he is peeing in the bath but that is okay because he going to get washed anyway. Isn't that right little man>

I like to give him a little head massage.

And if he stands up that's okay because that allows me to wash his little under the chest.

Onny is a very good boy.

Wash his little paws and the other one. Such a good boy. Now if your dog doesn't like being bathed. That's okay it does take a little time just like what Onny is doing. Onny is very strong but all you need to do is pop him back and give him some positive praise. Just so he associates bathe time with a positive experience.

Nowe to wash him off make sure the water is lukewarm and wash all the soap off. What a good boy Onny. Yes. 

They don't really like to be in the water that long. He's been very very good. 

Good Boy.

Now it's time to dry Onny off and Toby looks like he wants to help.  Get a towel and I always like to dry his ears off. Drying off his ears. Then, let's go and wrap the little baby. Here we go.

Dry his little chest. 

And he's all squeaky clean.



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