French Bulldog Characteristics

French Bulldog Characteristics

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French Bulldogs are almost comical in appearance. They have a flat face, a short snout and upright “bat” ears. Their muscular chest and abdomen are contrasted against their short legs and their small back is slightly dipped behind their broad shoulders.  

Colours of French Bulldogs

You may have noticed that French Bulldog’s come in a variety of colors and each color has a specific name.

Brindle is the dominant color of the breed. A brindle is mostly covered in dark brown and splotchy dashes of fur ranging from deep copper red to pale cream. Some even have a white streak down their chests.

Fawns are a standard color that ranges from a peachy hue to a pale cream. Some even have copper-ish red tones in their coat.

The Pied French Bulldog has a white coat with patches of cream, fawn, brindle or even black.

There are also rarer colors such as blue, tan, chocolate, blue pied, merle that have been created by mutations or a diluted gene that modifies the colors of the coat. These colors are generally discouraged as these French Bulldogs are usually connected with skin disorders and immune system deficiencies.

French Bulldog Sizes and Grooming

French Bulldogs are a low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. They have short coats and are easy to keep clean with minimal bathing needed. They do tend to shed twice a year, but their short coat does not cause too much of a mess indoors. A short brush will help with shedding.

According to the American Kennel Club Official standard, French bulldogs should weigh less than 12.7kgs or 28lbs, although some of the males weigh more than this and are unable to compete at shows. You will need to watch how much food Frenchies eat, as they are known to be chowhounds.

Most of the flat-faced breeds live relatively short lives. But improvements in breeding and dog food have increased the longevity of French bulldogs. Their life span usually ranges between 10-12 years, although there are examples of some that live over the age of 16.

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