French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldog Colors

What colors do French Bulldogs come in?

French Bulldogs come in a variety of different colors. The color of a French Bulldog's coat is determined by the genes of the sire (father) and dame (mother), but the most common French Bulldog colors are brindle, white, fawn or pied (white and brindle). 

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Brindle - Brindle French Bulldogs have a dark colored coat mixed with lighter color strands of hair. This is the dominant French Bulldog coat color.

brindle french bulldog

Fawn - Fawn French Bulldogs have a tan colored coat that ranges between a very light tan to a dark reddish tan. They often have darker face masks and ears and may have some brindle streaks throughout their coat.

fawn french bulldog

White - White French Bulldogs have a porcelain white coat.

white french bulldog

Rare French Bulldog Colors

Blue - Blue French Bulldogs are covered entirely with a blue coat. This coat is caused by caused by a genetic disorder which is called Color Dilution Alopecia.


Cream - Cream French Bulldogs are diluted fawns. Their coat is usually a creamy eggshell coloration.


Chocolate Brindle - is a light milk-ish color mixed with chocolate brown. They have light brown to brownish noses and nails. They also can have light blue eyes.


Sable - Sable French Bulldogs have a predominantly fawn coat with strings of black hair tipped in black. Usually, the black hair appears on the front end of a French bulldog.


Blue Sable - Blue Sable French Bulldogs have a fawn coat as well mixed with strings of "blue" tipped hairs throughout their coat.


Pure Back - Pure Black French Bulldogs have an entirely black coat without and brindling. These French Bulldogs have been disqualified from competiting in competitions.


"Rarer" French Bulldog Health Conditions

Please run as far away from any breeders that are trying to sell your "rarer" French Bulldog colors.

Most of the "rarer" French Bulldog colors are associated with poor health conditions and allergies. 

A Blue French Bulldog is commonly associated with long-term skin baldness and inflammation. This condition can cause skin ruptures and cracks that may cause Staph infections. Unfortunately, Blue French bulldogs can also suffer from a poor immune system that causes newborn pups to die within the first few weeks of being born.

Warning about Rarer Colored French Bulldogs

Merle French Bulldogs are not purebred. Unethical breeders have crossed bred French Bulldogs with other breeds such as Chihuahuas that carry the Merle coat. 

Like Blue French Bulldogs, Merle French Bulldogs can confront frightening health problems such as birth and structural defects, deafness, blindness, eye anomalies and have higher birth mortality rates than standard colors than French bulldog.

Acceptable French Bulldog Color Standards

Please take a look at the AKC's FAQ on French Bulldog Acceptable Color Standards to find out about what are acceptable French Bulldog colors.

Do Rare Color (Blue, Merle, etc) French Bulldogs Have more Health Problems?

To put it simply, Yes.

Out of all the colors, Blue French Bulldogs tend to have the most health problems due to the genetic disorder.

This genetic disorder is known as Color Dilution Alopecia. This disorder affects how the pigment is distributed in a Blue French Bulldog's coat. The pigment clumping causes a deterioration of the hair shafts, which stuns hair growth and leads to hair loss. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this genetic disorder and Blue French Bulldogs can get skin infections. If you do own a Blue French Bulldog, be sure not to use strong or harsh grooming products. 

But if you do not have a French Bulldog yet, we urge you to take a look at the following article about reputable French Bulldog breeders from AKC breeders.

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Stephanie Rodman - May 5, 2019

I love French bull dogs. I think they are one of the most sweetest and adorable dogs ever. I saw one when I went to the dog park today.

Cynthia Kelly - May 5, 2019

I have a cream, fawn with blue mask, blue and blue pied……I find thatI have had the most health problems in my cream, The other colors which have"associated health problems" are the healthiest and most playful of my Frenchies.

The pure cream has has skin issue requiring extended medications and special diet , with sighing of hair and skin.

Any dog can have health problems, and some colors do have some associated risks, but that doesn’t man that they will all have defects.

Narendra - May 5, 2019

Is my French bulldog pure

Kaveh Bo - May 5, 2019

I have a black and white female frenchie, I have never seen this color in all google image search nor here. Is something wrong?

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