Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Are French Bulldogs good with kids and do they have a good temperament?

French Bulldogs’ temperament largely depends on their parent’s genes and how they’ve been brought up in their infant stage. French Bulldogs are rambunctious little clowns yet relatively docile, which means they’re pretty easy to train. Depending on the French Bulldog some have short attention spans however they do learn quickly as long as you are persistent and patient with your French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs are known to outpour love to the world and love being the centre of attention, however, they aren’t the best guard dogs because they love to get to know new human beings and always welcome a pat.  French Bulldogs may seek validation from humans however they are endearing and loveable to all big and small animals. French Bulldogs have a very gentle temperament towards children and quite intuitive and will soften their manner around toddlers and babies.

They are small, easy to handle and well behaved around new people and other animals. French Bulldogs have a reputation for being mischievous and stealing attention whenever and wherever possible. The French Bulldog dog adores people and craves constant companionship. They don't need a lot of exercise, but love to chase balls and play (indoors or out) during the day but at night they tend to morph into couch potatoes. To keep them entertained Porkypaws suggests interactive toys where they can simultaneously learn and be intrigued, toys such as the below are excellent:

Their clownish inquisitive face and distinguishable bat ears paired with their loving nature make them the best pets. French Bulldogs are quite popular because not only do they fit in most living environments—being that they’re small and require little exercise that aren’t inclined to bark.

As a puppy, they enjoy exploring, sniffing around and occasionally chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on. After 12 – 18 months their explosive enthusiasm will wane, however, as puppies that can be a handful needing a lot of attention. French Bulldogs like to play rough and may dig the environment they’re in, chew up toys and sometimes even rip them apart. But even as adults, they never lose that mischievous behaviour.

French Bulldogs demonstrate amazing intuition by how well they can adapt to their environments. French Bulldogs personalities can vary just like humans, as they can be a watchful and keen observer to wild little adventurers who are stimulated by chasing a fly on the wall! French Bulldogs aren’t unkind to other dogs, and love to be loved.

As French Bulldogs crave affection they are susceptible to being more anxious than other breeds if they’re left at home for too long. French Bulldogs are confident around other humans and animals but they tend to have a high dependency on their owners. With this in mind, French Bulldogs are better suited to owners who are at home or can keep them company as oppose to owners who are always out or have long work hour commitments and a busy lifestyle away from home.

As French Bulldog can become quite anxious when their owners are away they can become quite destructive in a home. They will chew, dig and gnaw anything in front of them to ease their anxiety and tend to play rough so be careful of your prized possessions including leather shoes. French Bulldogs are the most dignified couch potato you’ve ever seen but aforementioned that means you shouldn’t leave them home alone for extended periods of time.

We understand there may be times when you need to leave the house for work or to run errands, that’s just life, however, if you’re French Bulldog loves the couch or bed it is crucial that they do not jump up and down from the furniture. Why? French Bulldogs are prone to having problems with their intervertebral discs, these are sponge-like cushions between the individual vertebrae in their back and neck. These spongy discs can move or rupture and place pressure on the spinal cord which can lead to pain, and in severe cases paralysis!

If there is a long staircase in your house Unique French Bulldogs suggests sectioning this off from your French Bulldog as they may play ‘zoomies’ up and down the stairs which is not encouraged. If your French Bulldog is inclined to snuggle on the couch or bed, make sure to purchase them low elevated steps to reduce the likelihood of jumping.

These are our favourites and suitable for most homes:

French Bulldogs are also known for their stubbornness and as they become older they become stubborner, they can be so stubborn to the point that they simply refuse to learn to follow rules. If this stubbornness isn’t managed early on it can eventually grow into poor behaviour in other areas of the French Bulldog temperament.

Male and Female French Bulldogs temperaments are somewhat different, males tend to lean towards mischievous and cheeky traits, be rambunctious, playful, and assertive. Females tend to be a bit timider, however, love to demonstrate more affectionate between the two. Females are said to be more docile, gentle and listen more while male dogs take longer to house train.

Female French Bulldogs tend to be a little nippier if they’re tempted and often a bit more temperamental when they’re puppies but outgrow it as they age. Males can have this same problem; this can be addressed with proper training.

The French Bulldog personality might just be the best personality of any small dog. They’re fun, loving, and absolutely adorable and will turn into well-mannered and charismatic adults.

French Bulldog behavior and how to make train them well?

Due to French Bulldog’s innate stubbornness, it is important to apply what you learn in dog training to home life. Pairing obedience classes and ‘home training’ can help enforce what you want your French Bulldog to learn and fast-track their development.

French Bulldogs are docile which means they do listen however they inclined to listen more if there is a treat involved, I mean… who doesn’t love a treat as a bit of incentive!
Frenchie Emporium love all natural treats for French Bulldogs as it’s easier on digestion and better for their well-being overall, here are some of our favourite treats:

At home, it’s important that you stand your ground and overtly display affirmative action whilst being sensitive to your French Bulldog’s feelings. He’ll have mischievous tendencies, and although these can be the most endearing characteristics of a French Bulldog, it’s important to draw a line and ensure that he knows the differences between right and wrong. Positive reinforcement and a steady reward system are the most effective techniques as French Bulldogs respond well to these methodologies.

Socialising French Bulldogs early on is essential. Expose them to the world, other people, and other dogs early on so they can adapt and embrace new adventures and activities. French Bulldogs who are socialised early become confident and loving animals who can adapt to different human beings of all age and size.

Getting to know your French Bulldog breeder is equally important as early socialisation because you want to make sure that your prospective puppy is of good genes. At Unique French Bulldogs, owner Sharryn Ausrich, warmly invites you to see how they raise puppies and you even have the chance to become acquainted to the puppy’s parents! This is a rarity with most French Bulldog breeders.

By acquainting yourself to the puppies parents you’ll find that their personalities will often have an influence on the personalities of their offspring. Often, some personalities are simply hereditary and innate, and if you’re buying a puppy from poorly tempered parents, it may have an effect on their offspring.

If not properly socialized and trained, stubbornness can become a big problem in their adulthood, making it all the more important to give them the proper attention early in their youth.

Overall, French Bulldogs are well-tempered, friendly animals whose worst temperamental flaw is their stubborn streak. French bulldogs are not quick to aggression, and their separation anxiety comes exclusively from just how much they love their owners. If you have not been convinced that French Bulldogs are the best dogs out there we encourage you to visit Unique French Bulldogs, Sharryn and her amazing team will show you just how wonderful French Bulldogs are.

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