Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Want To Know If French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

French bulldogs (also known as Frenchies) are an amazing dog breed to have around kids. Their loving nature, friendly temperament and small size made them an excellent fit for families with young children.

French Bulldogs have a gentle and playful personality, they enjoy being social and love to curl up next you on the couch. If you are considering adding a dog to the family, a Frenchie makes an ideal companion.

French Bulldogs are social dogs

French bulldogs can develop separation anxiety so if you frequently work long hours, this may become a problem. They love to be around others and they have a need for interaction, So if you have a young family and children running around the house all the time, this is a perfect environment for both you French bulldog and your kids.

French Bulldogs are loyal and protective

French bulldogs often become the protective guardians of their family. It is quite common for Frenchie to adopt this behavior when they grow up with your children. French bulldogs view children as playmates and often feel the need to be protective of them. This can cause your French bulldog to become anxious when your children are around strangers and is a habit you should be aware of.

That is why it is of vital importance to socialize your Frenchie as a puppy by taking them to dog parks and regularly meeting and interacting with new people. (Trust me, this won’t be difficult as you will be stopped at every block with people wanting to pet your French bulldog.) If you do train them to trust being around new people, their lovable personality will start to shine.

French Bulldogs are stubborn

French bulldogs are notorious for their stubborn behavior. You’ll want to train them from a young age, as they can be persistently stubborn during the training process. Even though, training your French bulldog at a young age will bring your closer together and form a stronger bond. French bulldogs are fairly intelligent dogs, so once trained, they will start to amaze you at how well behaved they are.

French bulldogs require minimal physical exercise

French Bulldogs are a perfect apartment breed. They do not require excessive amounts of physical exercise to maintain their physical appearance. You can easily get away with a quick 15-minute walk each day and by leaving toys around for the house for them to play with. This will be enough to keep them fit, entertained and most important of all, happy.

Be warned though, you do not want to over-exercise French bulldogs as due to their flat face and narrow nostrils, they are prone to heatstroke and exhaustion. This is why it is extremely important to choose a dog harness over a dog collar when walking your French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs are attention seekers

French bulldogs are adorably cute. With their bat eats and wrinkled faces, they were bred to be companion dogs. They crave your attention and affection and will not cease to show you huge amounts of love.

Once trained, French bulldogs love meeting new people and other animals. They also crave to be the center of attention and love to be petted. You will not have to worry about French bulldogs becoming aggressive when you have other children over. This friendly nature makes French bulldogs great with kids.

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