French Bulldog Lifespan - How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

French Bulldog Lifespan - How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

Perhaps you've wanted to get your very own French Bulldog or are currently a proud pet parent of one. Besides the usual questions you may have about owning these rambunctious little buggers, the one thing that might cross your mind is how long do French Bulldogs live? Knowing this information may help make you privy and prepared for your sweet little Frenchie.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

Realistically, French Bulldogs can live up to anywhere between 10-14 years, but that is with care and ideal conditions. Note that a few French Bulldogs have lived up to 16 years. It is without a doubt that the origin of how you obtained your dog is a strong indication of how long your pup will live. Any dog that comes from a bad breeder or puppy mill farm will more likely have health complications. If you do use a breeder, then make sure it is an AKC-approved breeder who has credibility and experience.

How To Keep your French Bulldog Healthy?

Feeding your French bulldog a healthy diet may assist with a prolonged and healthy livelihood. Foods high in protein and vegetables are ideal for any French Bulldog to help them gain and maintain muscle and nutrients. Be sure not to feed your little one food scraps or bones as their bodies cannot digest them properly. What's worse is that bones can block their airways or rupture organs. Your doggie might flash you the sad puppy eyes when they see you eating human food but don't give in! Their health and safety is at stake.

It is essential that you also take your Frenchie out for enough exercise. Regular exercise will also help to ensure a healthy, long life. Be cautious, however, as French Bulldogs do tire more easily than other dogs. They are a little more top-heavy and have shorter snouts, which makes it more difficult for them to cool down.

Frenchies are known to have big attitudes tucked in those small bodies, but that energy can deplete quickly. They do love to run around so just limit their time in the sun as it can aggressively tire them more rapidly than usual. Make sure they have access to an abundance of water to help them with staying hydrated and cool.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple StrengthSupplements can always be a nice addition to keeping your French bulldog healthy. Try the Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels from Healthy Brands. These are specifically made for French bulldogs. Since it may be very time consuming to look up the healthiest food choices out there, you can always check out some consumer favorites as well.

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Royal Canin has a specific type of food that is made for French bulldogs. Since they have flat faces, this kibble is ideal for their eating habits. Opt for more real and natural ingredients while avoiding grains and highly processed foods. You can help your four-legged friend by limiting chances of food allergies and unnecessary toxins.

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Taking their activity levels into account is another factor to consider. French bulldogs are very similar to small children. They will get into everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING. This playful behavior can cause them to get into mischief and potentially, danger or harm. They love to chew on things, and there is a chance that they can create dental health issues when puncturing something in their mouths due to chewing on foreign objects. Safeguard your home and yard to ensure that your French bulldog can enjoy the space but not get into trouble.

How will you keep your French Bulldog when you’re away from work or vacation?

These are all essential questions to think about. French bulldogs crave attention so ideally, you should leave them with a relative or trusted friend. Leaving your French Bulldog with a family member or friend will help ease their anxiety while you're gone and giving them temporary companionship. Your dog sitter will also be in for a treat! It helps to have your dog sitter remain on the same schedule as you so that your Frenchie still experiences normalcy while you are away.

While at work, try to designate a room for your dog rather than leaving him or her in a crate all day. Crates are for temporary use only, and your Frenchie should never be cooped up like that for more than an hour. You wouldn't want to be in a cage all day so don't put your doggies through that either. Crates do serve a positive function. You can leave the crate door open and allow your Frenchie to choose to come in or out. Leave a comfortable pillow or bed for your pet, inside or outside of the crate. This makes the space less threatening and more purposeful.

Besides the perks of owning this unique breed, you should be ready to spend some time boarding and pay particular attention to your pup. The sooner you start, the better your chances for a much higher success rate of obedience. Also, make sure that you schedule regular veterinarian visits. Preventative health care is always much easier to work with than reactive health care. Catching symptoms early can prevent health issues from becoming more complicated as time goes on. It has become a popular trend to obtain pet insurance for accidental issues. Vet bills can be pricey and having this assurance will help keep your costs down. Most insurance companies pay anywhere between 80% to 100% of your pet’s medical bills.

French Bulldogs are some of the most lovable and personable dog breeds. If given a chance, they will love you until the end of their lifespan, remaining loyal and friendly. Their playfulness will validate your choice for getting a French bulldog. You have the chance to make a difference in this dog’s life. Taking proper care from beginning to end will help this doggie live up to its full life's potential. Responsible pet ownership can help you reap the rewards of being a pet parent to this cute French bulldog. With simple habits and care, your Frenchie will be so glad you are helping it see an optimal lifespan. This will make for a happy life for both you and your little furry friend.

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