French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog Training

Do you ever wonder why your French Bulldog doesn’t listen to you?


This is a common question that many first-time French Bulldog owners seem to ask themselves when they first begin French Bulldog training. Well, the first step is to establish yourself as the “Alpha” in the pet-owner relationship. French Bulldogs are dogs after all and they must know that you’re the one who’s in charge.

Here are some great French Bulldog training tips to establish yourself as the Alpha early on:

  • Be the first to come in or go out the door
  • Feed yourself before you feed your French Bulldog
  • Don’t move around your French Bulldog, make your Frenchie move out of your way.
  • Don’t always pay attention to your Frenchie. Sometimes you must ignore him, even when he is sulking.
  • Don’t let your French bulldog sleep in the bed with you – set boundaries early on where they are allowed to sleep.

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Remember it is very important to establish yourself as the Alpha early on, as this will make training your French Bulldog a lot easier. If your Frenchie learns bad habits learns to ignore you, then your French bulldog training will be much harder.

Have realistic expectations about French Bulldog Training

french bulldog training

Obedience training alone won’t solve all behavior issues, but it is good for setting a solid foundation in the future. The first thing you need to realize is that training a French bulldog to obey your commands is going to be an ongoing and lengthy process, so It is best to start training your Frenchie as soon as you and he have had a chance to bond.

Constant communication with your Frenchie will help open a line of communication between you both. Clearly, communicate and stress the tones in your voice when you’re dish out commands as a high pitch tone (i.e. good boy) will generally yield better results than yelling at them to stop.

Training A French Bulldog Puppy

Remember that your French Bulldog is only a puppy and that he or she will not remember everything straight away. French Bulldog’s respond much, much better to positive reinforcement than yelling or force. They can be very stubborn, so training is very important but very rewarding It is extremely important to remain patient when training a French Bulldog puppy.

Limit Distractions when training your French Bulldog and start off easy

When first starting to train your puppy, try and limit the amount of distractions around you. This may mean removing toys, turning off the tv or anything else that may tempt your Frenchie’s attention away.

Using Treats and Rewards For Your French Bulldog Puppy

french bulldog training with treats

French Bulldog Treats and rewards are a great way to encourage your Frenchie to continue good behavior and training practices in the future. There are a number of ways that you can reward your Frenchie:

  • Give your Frenchie a yummy treat (don’t go overboard and overfeed your puppy).
  • Giving your Frenchie lots of affection and cuddles
  • Using positive reinforcement (i.e. good boy, well done or good work).

Short Attention Spans

Keep your puppy training sessions quite short. Your French Bulldog is only a puppy and because of their young age, they do not have long attention spans and you will often find that they are easily distracted. Ideally no longer than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. You can have numerous training sessions spread throughout the day.


Training your French Bulldog puppy can and will get a little frustrating at times. But remember, no matter how frustrated you get, always stay calm and relaxed. When your Frenchie does do something naughty, tell them “no” in a firm, yet calm voice. Whatever you do, never hit or yell at your Frenchie as they will scare them and your French Bulldog will start to become anxious around you and fear you.

How to train your French Bulldog Puppy

training your french bulldog

Learning to train your puppy may seem to be a bit of a daunting task at the beginning, so it is best to start with simple commands such as getting your Frenchie to respond to his name, before moving onto more complicated training.

Getting your French Bulldog to respond to his name

To teach your French Bulldog his name, you should use treats. Take a treat in your hand and hold is next to your body. Now call your Frenchie’s name. At the start, your Frenchie will most likely look at the treat in your hand. Keep on calling his name until he looks you in the eye. Once he does, give him the treat immediately and continue this exercise by holding the treat in your other hand. After he gets used to coming to you, start to call his name without a treat and reward him with a big hug and pet him on his head instead.

French Bulldog Potty Training

French Bulldog puppies under the age of six months generally do not have fully developed bladders and will have trouble holding their bladders. That is why it is very important to begin your French Bulldog potty training.

You might even ask yourself why does my French bulldog pee so much?

You will need to keep an eye out for tell-tale signs that they are likely to go to the toilet (i.e. sniffing and spinning around in circles before peeing) and take them to the potty place before they relieve themselves. Remember, every time your French Bulldog goes to potty in the right place to praise him to reinforce good habits.

It is important to establish a daily routine and for you to make sure you are consistent with your expectations. There are some general keys to minimize the number of accidents:

  • First thing in the morning, take him to the potty place.
  • Feed your Frenchie at regular times, (twice daily about 10 hours apart).
  • Immediately after he eats, take him outside to pee
  • After your Frenchie plays or goes for a walk, take him to the potty place
  • Don’t let your Frenchie drink an hour before they go to bed
  • Before they sleep, take him out to his potty place.

If your Frenchie doesn’t know where to go to the potty, you will need to teach him. Take him outside on a leash and direct him to the same area (a patch of grass is usually a good idea) and stay with him there until he goes to the toilet and praise him immediately. After a while, your Frenchie will learn to associate the spot with going to the toilet and will ask you to go outside before going to the toilet.

French Bulldog House Training

Most Frenchies will learn the housebreaking rules within a couple of weeks, others may take months before you are certain they won’t have accidents. So be realistic about your expectations and don’t get too frustrated.

French Bulldog Puppy Training

French Bulldog puppy training is very important to begin at a young age. French Bulldogs are not able to relate punishment directly to their actions after they have performed the act. It may be against everything you want to do, but it is simply best to ignore the accident, clean it up and spray the area with a pet urine deodorizer. 

But if you do happen to catch your Frenchie in the process of eliminating inside or in an inappropriate place, startle them a loud noise and say a firm command such as “No”, then take them outside to go to the toilet. If your Frenchie does happen to poo inside, place the feces outside in the yard (he will be able to smell the odor) and clean up the mess.

French Bulldog Crate Training

Crate training a French Bulldog will help to develop your pup’s control of their bladder and bowel movements.


Not only is crate training useful for creating a safe space for your French Bulldog when you are not at home and you want him to go to sleep or you want to keep him from causing any trouble, but it is also a great potty training tool as French Bulldogs do not like to soil their personal territory and would rather relieve themselves in an appropriate area. The training process can take anywhere between a couple days to a couple weeks.

To start off, place a blanket or soft towel in the crate and start to play with your French Bulldog near it. Next start encouraging your Frenchie to enter the crate by either using his favorite toy or treats. Allow him to enter with his own free will. If your Frenchie doesn’t want to go inside, do not force him and let him take it slowly at his own pace. Remember patience is key here.

Once you’ve introduced your French Bulldog puppy to the crate, it is time to start feeding him meals near the crate. After several meals start to the bowel as far into the crate as he will go and then further inside the next time and so forth.

When your Frenchie becomes comfortable with entering and eating in the crate, start practicing to close the door behind him whilst he is eating. After he has finished his meal leave the door closed for a couple of minutes (no longer than 10 minutes at a time). If your Frenchie begins to cry, don’t let him out until he stops, otherwise, he will do this every time. Make sure that he is able to see you when he is inside the crate, as this will help to reduce his anxiety.

As your French Bulldog becomes more comfortable with the crate, you will be able to leave the door closed for longer time periods. Start by calling him over and giving him a treat, then use a command such as “bed” to go inside the crate and give him another. After he enters, pet him and say good boy then close the door.

Then sit quietly by the crate for a few more minutes before leaving the room for a few minutes.  With every session, start to increase the time that you leave the room. This process can take anywhere between a couple days to a couple weeks before your Frenchie starts to feel comfortable inside the crate.

How To Leave Your French Bulldog Home Alone

french bulldog socializing

Once your Frenchie starts to feel comfortable in the crate for 30 minute periods, you can start to leave him home alone. Use a command such as “bed” and point at the crate with a treat in your hand. Switch up the time you leave after putting your Frenchie to “bed” so that he doesn’t know when you leave.

It is very important that when you return, that you don’t make a big fuss over it, but calmly let him out of the crate. It is a good idea to leave a few toys in the crate as well so that he can entertain himself.

How to get your French Bulldog used to the crate at night

It is a good idea to place the crate near your bedroom or in the hallway outside of your bedroom so that he knows you are close. Each night, gradually move the crate further and further away from your bedroom to where you want the crate to be.

How to stop your French Bulldog from Whining and Crying

If your Frenchie starts to howl or whine, it is a good idea to first wait a few minutes to see if he still continues. If he is still whining and you are sure that he needs to go to the toilet, then let him out to go to the toilet. After he has done his business, bring him back to the crate (don’t spend time playing with him). If he continues to whine after that, you need to stay strong and continue you ignore him. If the problem persists, you may need to start the crate training process all over again.

How much is too much time in the crate for your French Bulldog?

Leaving your French Bulldog for too long in the crate can be a bad idea. Your Frenchie will start to feel trapped and frustrated if they are left alone in their crate for too long. A general rule is that a puppy under 6 months old should spend more than 2-3 hours at a time in the crate because they haven’t developed their bowel and bladder controls yet and will likely soil their crate.

How to Socialize your French Bulldog with other puppies

French Bulldogs are lovable pets to their owners, but they can stubborn and exhibit aggression towards other dogs. It is very important to socialize your French Bulldog puppy at an early age, in order to make sure that they can get along with other dogs.

The correct time to do this is between 12-14 weeks. When introducing him to new dogs or new people, don’t force him to engage them, but rather let them investigate themselves and come to the dog or new person. If he walks up to them confidently, reward your French Bulldog with treats. If your Frenchie seems cautious, give him time and wait for him to come down and relax. Never force him, as this could make them more nervous.

How To Teach your French Bulldog “No” and “Stop it”

If you Frenchie is doing something he shouldn’t such as biting or chewing, you will need to teach your puppy to stop it. When he is committing the act, firmly say “No” or “Stop it” and lightly tap their nose. Instead, give him an appropriate chew toy or treat to teach him what is appropriate to chew. Repeat this over and over again until your Frenchie understands and soon enough he will respond to only the auditory commands.

How To Teach Your French Bulldog to Sit

Stand directly in front of your Frenchie and place a treat in your palm so that he can see it. Firmly command to sit whilst gently push his bottom down until he sits. Once he is sitting, give him a treat immediately and praise him.

Repeat this process by taking a step away from your Frenchie, turn to face him with a treat in your hand and tell him to sit once again. Keep gently pushing his bottom down and praising him as before.

This training method will take a few sessions before he understands what to do, but eventually, he will respond the word “sit”.

How To Teach Your French Bulldog to Lay Down

Make sure your Frenchie starts in a sitting position, while you have a treat in your hand. Make sure he knows that you have it there too. Move your hand towards the floor as you say “lay down” or “down”. Your dog will slowly follow your hand to the floor and start to lay down. As soon as he is lying, give him the treat and praise. Practice this until your Frenchie is able to lay down consistently.

How To Teach Your French Bulldog to “Stay”

Have your Frenchie start in the sitting position and begin to praise him. Put your hand out in front of you just like you telling someone to stop. Slowly back away, whilst firmly saying “Stay”. If your Frenchie starts to run towards you, start over again by commanding him to sit and then place your hand out in front of you again and slowly back away whilst saying “Stay”. Once he has stayed for long enough, give him a treat and reward his good behavior. Keep repeating until your Frenchie learns to stay.

How To Teach Your Frenchie to “Come”

Again, begin this by telling your Frenchie to sit and slowly back away. Once he has stood in his position for long enough, slowly crouch down and slap your leg and say “come” in a friendly high-pitched voice. This will make your Frenchie think you want to play with him and come running over to you. Every time he responds to the command “come” give him a treat.

Make sure to practice this command at different times when your Frenchie is distracted. It is a great way to test your Frenchie’s obedience.

How To Teach Your French Bulldog With Clicker Training

Start to teach your Frenchie to associate a clicking sound (from a clicking device) as a reward for behaving. The easiest way to do this is to give your French Bulldog a treat every time you click the device. Practice training your Frenchie and whenever he behaves, click the device and give him a treat.

Over time, your Frenchie will associate good behavior and rewards with the clicking sound. Once your Frenchie is familiar with the clicker, you can start to wean him off treats and solely use the clicker as a reward.

The Best Tips For Training Your French Bulldog

In order to make your life easier, keep a number of treats in a plastic bag in your pocket. This will mean you have easy access to reward your Frenchie every time he behaves.

Do not train your Frenchie outside during hot and humid weather as they may have breathing difficulties and you could put their health at risk.

End your training if your Frenchie starts to get frustrated (growling and whining) and have a short play session instead to give him a rest.

Again, never hit, yell or act impatient towards your French Bulldog. It is important to remember that they are still a puppy and they are still new to training.

Leash Training Your French Bulldog Puppy - Collar or harness?

french bulldog harness

Leash training your French Bulldog is very important. Your French Bulldog needs to have regular exercise to be healthy and happy. Just like humans, going for a 15-20 minute walk every day will do wonders for their health and reduce the number of health-related issues they have. Whether you're going for a walk or visiting the vet, the best French bulldog harness is beneficial for your pup’s well-being. As we all know, French bulldogs are notorious leash-pullers and a well-fitted harness is the safest way to control your Frenchie whilst on a walk. Though undoubtedly the cutest breed of all dogs, these squishy faced and big-eared pups suffer from what’s known as “brachycephalic” syndrome. This syndrome makes breathing difficult for French Bulldogs as they’re not bred with a long snout.

But how much exercise do French Bulldogs need each day?

Just like humans, going for a 15-20 minute walk every day will do wonders for their health and reduce the number of health-related issues they have. Whether you're going for a walk or visiting the vet, the best French bulldog harness is beneficial for your pup’s well-being. As we all know, French bulldogs are notorious leash-pullers and a well-fitted harness is the safest way to control your Frenchie whilst on a walk. Though undoubtedly the cutest breed of all dogs, these squishy faced and big-eared pups suffer from what’s known as “brachycephalic” syndrome. This syndrome makes breathing difficult for French Bulldogs as they’re not bred with a long snout.

The cause of the brachycephalic syndrome is due to the anatomical structure of the French Bulldog’s flat-nosed face. Their long and soft palate (which often clogs up the back of the throat), narrow windpipes, large tonsils and excessively narrow nostrils combined can sometimes make it physically difficult for French Bulldogs to breathe enough air into their lungs, especially during vigorous exercise. This also means that in hot weather your French bulldog prone to heat stroke.

That’s why using a collar is not such a good idea as it constricts the air intake and may even choke your French Bulldog. Any pressure on their windpipes, such as when they pull on the leash and may cause your Frenchie real distress. A safer and more comfortable choice is to choose to a harness over a collar, as it spreads the kinetic force across his entire chest. But it is not always that easy to find a harness that fits your French Bulldog as there are so many different styles of dog harnesses.

What to look for in a French Bulldog Harness

The comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric are ideal for French Bulldogs as they have a tendency to overheat. The material should also be durable and strong to cope with the French bulldog’s muscular physique. Leash anchors also need to be strong as French Bulldogs are very muscular and have a lot of strength which will cause strain on the anchor point. Try and select a harness that at a minimum is double-stitched. You’ll want to ensure the leash anchor will hold as French bulldogs are known to get excited and lunge away from you like a rocket. As a bonus, a handle can be quite useful for this too to ensure you have extra control. Another important point is to select a harness that is adjustable to allow a snug fit to your French Bulldog’s chest and doesn’t rub against its skin and cause discomfort. A harness that is too loose and moves around on your dog’s skin risks causing chaffing. Your French Bulldog definitely won’t want that and neither would you!

If your French bulldog has a tendency to pull when you’re out walking, a front clip harness is the best solution. A harness with a front clip doesn’t allow your Frenchie to pull away from you as you walk them because if he or she tries, having the lead at the front means that the force exerted will turn the French dog’s body toward you, which will eventually make them stop. Of course, you still will need to have patience and after a few walks, you’ll find that he will be less likely to try and pull away from you and be more than happy to walk by your side.

When you are first introducing a harness to your French Bulldog puppy, it is a good idea to try and distract him by playing with him or giving him treats. Every week you must also ensure that harness still fits your puppy and increase the size as he grows.

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How To Adjust Your French Bulldog to the Leash

Once your French Bulldog becomes comfortable in their harness, attach your leash to the buckle and drop the leash on the floor. Make sure to watch your puppy as he runs around with the leash dragging behind him. Take it off after a few minutes and repeat the process, with each time being longer than the last.

After your Frenchie is comfortable with the leash being attached to him, pick up the leash and follow him around for a few minutes around your house. During this time, do not apply any pressure on the leash as it may scare your puppy and make him anxious. Praise your Frenchie and give him rewards for being such a good boy.

Now it is time to take your Frenchie outside. Take him outside the house (a backyard is usually the best place) and place him on the left side of you, so that he will get used to walking on your left.

How To Get Your French Bulldog Used To Walking

Before you start to take your Frenchie for a walk it is important that they are calm when leaving. If you Frenchie starts to get too excited, do a quick jerk on the leash and give a firm command such as “sit” and then praise him when he is sitting. After he has calmed down take him outside for his walk.

You might even ask yourself why doesn't my French Bulldog like being on the lead?

It is vital that your dog doesn’t lead you or pull on the leash when you take him for a walk. The first few times, try and go on short walks around the block so that he becomes familiar with his surroundings. If he starts to pull, give it a quick jerk and tell him to “sit”. When he sits praise him and continue to do this every time he pulls. After he begins to understand that you are the one leading him, you can attempt to take him for long walks, when you feel more confident in your control over him.

How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Barking

If you French Bulldog barks, quickly jerk the leash and say the command “quiet”. Repeat as your Frenchie barks. After a while, your Frenchie will start to respond to the just the auditory command.

How To Teach Your French Bulldog To Drop It or Leave it

If you French Bulldog picks something up or goes to smell something he shouldn’t, again quickly jerk the leash and say the command “drop it” or “leave it”. Repeat as your Frenchie barks. After a while, your Frenchie will start to respond to the just the auditory command.

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