French Bulldog Treats - Vlog Review With My Frenchie

French Bulldog Treats - Vlog Review With My Frenchie

Today Toby and I go over our latest haul of French Bulldog Treats from Pet-O with a special appearance from our newest member of the family, Onny. Make sure you watch to the end!


Good Morning Everyone, today we are driving to Pet-Os which is an Australian pet place where you buy all these fancy products and we are thinking of getting Toby and Onny a deer antler.

It's probably Toby's favorite, what would you say, favorite toy, or favorite chewy?

What would you say?

Favorite distraction.

And the deer antlers last for maybe three to six months depending on how large the deer antler is. But Toby seems to love it and it's pretty good on his teeth to. So were going to get Toby and Onny both each a deer antler.

Onny’s teeth are coming through and their very itchy so his chewing on everything so we don’t want him to continue chewing on our furniture and so the deer antler is a must. and probably looking at maybe getting him a toy.

I don't know about that as we’ve got a few toys from Ali Baba and they just seem to destroy it. So, deer antler priority, some snack and a toy maybe.

Which one should we get him?

Successful day at Pet-Os. We’ve got the deer antlers. and that’s what it is.

and it’s got some really good bone marrow in there as well.

This is going to be Onny’s because it is a lot smaller and this is Toby’s.

We’ve also got some Ivory coat treats. This is what we feed Toby and Onny every day. And it's very very good. It's all natural. 21% protein and 3% fats. And we got them some dental treats. They are the healthy snack alternative; their low fat and we'll give it to the test when we get back home.

We’re back and I’ve got Toby with me. Say HI. So were going to do a bit of an unboxing of Toby’s treats. We’ve got the Ivory coat roast lamb treats. 

First impressions. Yep. I think he likes it. See how soft they are. They’re not that soft. They sort of have the feel of kibble but a bit moister as you can actually squeeze it. Toby likes it as well. yep.

This is going to be his number one treat.

We move on to the natural dental treats. Something Toby needs.

First impressions. Let’s open it.

Do you like it?

And these are really cute because they look like little tooth brushes. Let’s see if we can brush Toby’s teeth. Oh, it works. So, with the grooves on the little treats I guess it cleans all the plague I guess.

He seems to like it.

So, everything we purchased today the total was $41.45 Australian dollars. The dentals brush we got a pack of 10, 90 grams each that was $5.45. The ivory coat treats were $9.99 and the deer antlers were $12.95 each. 

Oh, he just ate the whole thing. Last but not least, Toby’s favorite snack is the deer antler by a company called wag. First impressions. That’s good.

Might take the label off. This is what it looks like. Not too sure. He loves the deer antler but I think he just likes to chew it in between his little feet. That’s what he always does. This is the number one thing that I always get from Pet-Os because it distracts him while I’m at work.

So that’s our haul from our first Pet-Os series. I’ll show you more along the way but this is the primary things we get. Oh, I need to show you Onny. this is Onny. his never had a deer antler before. Let’s see if he likes it. 

Bye bye everyone see you later!



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