French Bulldog Weight Guide (How Much Should French Bulldogs Weigh?)

French Bulldog Weight Guide (How Much Should French Bulldogs Weigh?)

French Bulldog Weight Guide

French Bulldog Weight Guide

Does this leash make me look fat?

Your French bulldog is not likely to ask you that question, but it still might be overweight. Hmm...what is the ideal weight for your Frenchie. Read on to find out.

Underweight Frenchies will be weak, and their lack of weight might be an adverse side effect of a lack of proper nutrition. Be sure to be feeding your pet well and enough. Add a little more to each meal over a period of time to raise their weight. Underweight Frenchies will be between 16-22 pounds.

Overweight Frenchies carry with them a different burden. Since the breed is likely to get overheated in unconditioned spaces and during hot seasons or days, extra weight will only add to the problem. Food should be cut back on, a little each meal, over a period, to reduce your pet’s overall weight. Keep up with the daily walk routine as well. That will help. Overweight Frenchies are more than 33 pounds.

To care properly for your pet, there should be the right amount of good dog food, and there should be play and walking involved on a daily basis.

Healthy Frenchies are between 22-30 pounds for a female, and between 24-31 for a male. These ideal weight ranges are for adult, grown French bulldogs.

Your Frenchie should not have a visible rib cage or spine. Their bone structure should not be prevalent. If you can see these parts on your Frenchie, he is underfed or underweight. Overweight Frenchies will have too much weight that will intensify hip dysplasia, one deficiency or health issue your Frenchie may be prone to. Better to weigh your Frenchie or pay attention at the Vet’s office to note how much your Frenchie weighs. Spaying or neutering your pet will also affect ideal weight ratios for males and females. Neutered males will weigh a little less than unneutered males. Keep that in mind. Unneutered males probably weigh more in the range of 26-32 pounds, while neutered males are going to be around 24-28 pounds. If your female Frenchie is spayed, it might weigh as little as 16-21 pounds. An unspayed female French bulldog with a large frame might weigh between 20-28 pounds.

If your Frenchie is underweight and you’ve taken measures to boost his weight through extra food during the day, then there may be another issue in play here. It is recommended to see your Vet have her ascertain why may be the underlying causes of your Frenchie’s weight loss or lack of weight gain. For either situation, a Vet should be utilized to discover the cause of the symptoms. Once treated, hopefully, you’d see a difference in your French bulldog and his weight would be maintained within the healthy range. The Vet may outline a specific food regimen involving different times for meals and varied food. Typically, a Frenchie will eat between 2-3 cups per day.

Remember, a proper weight will make for a happier, healthier pet. You want to do the best for your pet, so keep his weight on your radar when assessing your French bulldog’s well-being. Make sure to take your French Bulldog for regular walks in a dog harness.

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You’ll be glad you did. And know that the right answer to the opening question is always: No, that leash does not make you look fat.

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