French Bulldogs VS Pomeranian Dogs

French Bulldogs VS Pomeranian Dogs

Planning to bring home a small breed puppy? If you are, you may consider either a French Bulldog or a Pomeranian. Both these breeds are super cute and perfect indoor pets. They are brilliant and training them new tricks can be a lot of fun for the puppy parents. However, if you want to pick either one, we will help you decide which puppy you can take home.

In this article, we bring you a list of comparisons between Pomeranians and French Bulldogs. These comparisons will help you decide, which breed suits you and your lifestyle. Irrespective of either breed, you will require a lot of patience to bring up the puppy. Small breed puppies need extra attention as they are not very strong like the other larger breed dogs. They are the babies that never grow old.  Once you bring home the puppy, it will be your responsibility to take care of its health and wellness. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand all about the breed that you want.

Before we start the comparison, let us understand the breeds and why they are so favorite amongst all dog lovers.

French Bulldog:

French Bulldogs are cute little domestic dogs with a short snout. They are a cross between English bulldog and local ratters in Paris. This is how they got their name – French Bulldog. If you want to bring home a Frenchie puppy, you need to make yourself ready for a whole lot of fun, pampering, and attention. Each pup may have their traits. They can be calm at times and hyper-excited at the next moment. They are sweet yet stubborn and love attention. Training them is very easy, as they are smart and love to learn new tricks. A French Bulldog can go all snuggly and cute at times, and also tear off your sofa within seconds. With these little ones, patience is the key.


French Bulldogs are usually very active and lively. They are muscular and have heavy bone; thus, they require a right amount of protein in their diet. Their daily activity is also correlated to their metabolism. Therefore, if you want to feed them protein, you should also make sure to take them out for regular walks or any other form of exercise. You will come across a lot of nutritional food online for small puppies. Pick the ones that are high on protein and are prepared for small breed dogs.

Frenchies require two to four meals a day, depending on age and health. They need calcium to keep their bones healthy, protein to build their muscles and keep the coat healthy, and carbs to keep their blood sugar steady. This breed of dog has a sensitive stomach. Therefore, if you think a certain kind of food makes them sick, you need to consult your vet to check for any food allergies.

You also need to remember that overweight is something very common in French Bulldogs. Overweight may further lead to other health risks. It is wise to measure the amount of food that you feed your puppy and monitor their growth.


These little fur balls are also widely referred to as Pom. Do not underestimate the size of this little dog, as it has the demeanor of the big dog. This breed belongs to the Spitz family and is named after the Pomerania region in Central Europe. Pomeranians are considered to be toy dogs with an attitude. They are active and love playing. They also enjoy snuggle time with the ones they love. They will sit on your lap and would let you carry them around like a baby. The best part is no matter how old a Pomeranian gets; it will also remain small and cuddly. They are very alert and smart and can be trained to become an indoor watchdog.

Pomeranians, however, would need some guidance around young kids. They are not very good with guests and strangers. If you have a little child at home, you need to be careful when your child wants to play with the Pomeranian pup. Training the puppy at a very young age can help him understand that children are no threat.


Similar to any other puppy breed, Pomeranian puppies also require a lot of protein. Nevertheless, you must understand that not all kind of protein may be healthy for your pup. If you are planning on buying branded puppy food for your puppy, make sure you buy it from a reliable source. Pomeranians also require a good source of fat to keep their long fur healthy and beautiful.

Pomeranians do not tend to gain weight quickly. However, monitoring their food consumption can help you keep a check on their diet and growth. Some Pomeranians suffer from arthritis. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to take care of your puppy’s nutritional requirements and keep them active.

Now that you have got a fair idea about both the breeds let us check the differences between them. Though both Pomeranians and French Bulldogs fall under small breeds of dogs, yet there are specific differences between the two kinds.  

Differences between French Bulldog and Pomeranian


Both French Bulldog and Pomeranian are small breed indoor pets. Pomeranians are slightly smaller than French Bulldogs. French Bulldogs grows up to 11-13 inches, weighing up to 28 pounds; whereas, the height of a Pomeranian grows between 6-7 inches with 3-7 pounds of weight. If you are looking for a lap dog, Pomeranian may be a better choice, as they love to nuzzle. And if you are looking for an active little tiny mutt, you need to bring home French Bulldog puppy.


Pomeranians have long fur, long fox-face, and pointy ears. They have small oval eyes with a furry tail that falls flat on the back. They look adorable and fluffy but are feisty with sharp scissor teeth. Grooming is very crucial when it comes to this breed, as they tend to shed.

French Bulldogs have the short coat and require less fur maintenance. They have round-tipped ears, small eyes, a smiling face, twirl tail, and undershot teeth. They are your tiny bag of muscle and power, overloaded with cuteness.

Life Expectancy:     

The average lifespan of a French Bulldog is 10 – 12 years. On the other hand, Pomeranians live up to 12 – 16 years of age.

For a healthy and long life, it is essential for both the breeds to get proper nutrition and exercise. Apart from this, Pomeranians also need little extra attention, compared to its counterpart; as leaving them alone makes them sad.


If you are looking for a guard dog, both Pomeranians and French Bulldogs may not be a perfect option. However, if you are looking for a companion to stay by your side, both the breeds can win your heart. Between the both, Pomeranians are more attached to their parents and tend to follow them around everywhere.

French Bulldogs are slightly more friendly than Pomeranian. They have more stamina and can learn few smart tricks that can help you with your simple chores, like fetching small things, closing the door behind, putting back their toys inside the box and a lot more. They are also very patient. If you have a crawling baby at home, you need not to worry. There have been instances where French Bulldogs have acted very protective and amazing guards to little kids.

When it comes to playing with children, Pomeranians may need a little adult supervision. They are also little reserved when it comes to meeting new people or other pets. This breed of dog tends to get aggressively possessive about their masters and may consider children as a threat. Training them is easy, as they are comparatively smarter. You can teach them cute tricks with some tasty treats and keep yourself entertained. Pomeranians require an extra affection to stay happy and calm. If you have a little kid around, making them friendly towards the pup at an early age, may foster their friendship. With some love and pampering, both the breeds can be very friendly and playful around little kids.

Health Care:

Both the breeds require very minimal medical attention; however, French Bulldogs are more prone to obesity. It is also essential to be attentive towards both the breeds, as they are very active and energetic. Pomeranians are seen to be more agile and playful than the Frenchie. This is what keeps them healthy and active.

If you are planning to breed your Pomeranian, you must expect around 2 – 4 puppies. A French Bulldog can give birth to approximately 4 – 6 puppies. It is essential for you to consult a veterinarian if you are planning on breeding.


French Bulldogs do not require a regular bath unless they choose to dig the ground. They do not drool, but super-active panting is something that is very common. They need routine exercise to keep them away from obesity. French Bulldogs do not shed much, so you can brush them and have them climb your rich upholstery without any worry.

Pomeranians need regular bath and grooming, as their long fur tends to get dirty quickly. They do not drool. With this breed, you must expect some amount of shedding. It is advisable to keep your expensive upholstery covered if you do not wish to ruin them. Pomeranians do not require a lot of exercises. A regular walk around the house is enough for them. Moreover, they are not very tolerant of heat, as the thick coat could make them very uncomfortable during hot summers.

Things to consider:

In spite of their high energetic selves, both Pomeranians and French Bulldogs have some drawbacks. Mentioned below are few of the things that you have to take care of.


-    Owing to their smaller size, they are more prone to accidents and injuries. Never let them do hard tricks like jumping off a wall, etc.

-    Pomeranians are highly on demand. Make sure to get your pup from a reliable breeder. And be ready to spend some amount

-    They can be attached by big birds outdoor. So, keep a watch on them!

-    Shedding is a part of their life. So regular grooming is essential

-    Pomeranians are fierce creatures. If they do not like it, they will bark. And they bark a lot

-    Never let small children treat them rough, as it makes them very aggressive

-    Because of their tiny size, they may get into spaces where you cannot. This might become challenging at times. Try luring them out with treats instead of forcing

French Bulldogs:

-    They are quite prone to health problems. The most common issues are brachycephalic upper airway syndrome, which makes them difficult to breathe. Other health problems include Hip Dysplasia, where they are unable to run are suffer from extreme pain. Therefore, proper nutrition and proper exercise is vital

-    Frenchies cannot tolerate a lot of heat. Since they have a short squishy face with a short snout, they find it difficult to breathe in hot and humid weather. If you notice your puppy panting excessively, you need to take him/her to a more relaxed place. Try avoiding taking out your puppy during mid-summer days

-    They tend to behave very stubbornly at times. They have their unique personality. The puppy parents need to have a lot of patience in training a French Bulldog puppy. Start with simple tricks, such as sit, roll, lie down, etc.

-    Frenchies can be good pullers. Therefore, you need to make them wear a harness instead of a collar. This will let you have an excellent control without hurting the pup

-    They snore! At times the loud snoring of your Frenchie may wake you up in the middle of the night. So, be prepared for that. This is due to their short snout. Try making them sleep in a more relaxed room

-    They love to chew anything and everything. From shoes to remotes, they will eat it all. Make sure you hide them or keep it at a height where your puppy cannot reach

Make your choice

Both Pomeranian and French Bulldog act as little buddies that will follow you around the house. If you want a cute fluffy pet and teach some neat tricks to show off in front of your guests, Pomeranian may be a good choice. And if you are looking for a friendly little mutt who will also be a friend to your child, French Bulldog is the breed for you. Or you can get both the breeds and add some extra love!

Before to get your puppy, make sure you have a pedigree pup. You need to get your puppy from a reliable breeder. Make sure to take your puppy to the veterinarian for a complete check-up and know the type of diet that you need to give your pup. Being indoor breeds, Pomeranians and French Bulldogs are the perfect companions to cuddle, play and stay warm.

Author Bio:  Adarsh Gupta is a proud father of 2 Pomeranians and 2 French Bulldogs, and always looks forward to sharing all his thoughts about dogs with other dog parents. He also makes recommendations on all kind of breed and their training in his site:

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