French Bulldogs vs. Pugs

French Bulldogs vs. Pugs

French Bulldog Vs Pugs

French Bulldogs Vs Pugs

When it comes to French bulldogs and pugs, it is normally difficult to differentiate. Some of their physical attributes and behavior are notably similar. Ideally, it’s always better to know more about a dog’s breed before bringing it to your home. Personally, I own a French bulldog whose name is Poppy. It took me six months to decide that he was the right dog for me only after doing an in-depth research on the two dogs. Here is what I learned before I made my decision to get Poppy:

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Similarities between French Bulldogs and Pugs

French Bulldogs


⦁    Less likely to drool.

⦁    High weight gain possibility.

⦁    Less likely to stray away from the owner.

⦁    Very playful.

⦁    Are fond of people and cheerful.

⦁    Are observant of their surroundings.

⦁    Require less maintenance.

⦁    Require minimal exercise.

⦁    Less likely to drool.

⦁    Chances of weight gain are high.

⦁    Less likely to wander off.

⦁    Very playful.

⦁    Are friendly towards people and cheerful.

⦁    Are aware of their surroundings.

⦁    Require less maintenance.

⦁    Require minimal exercise.



The Main Differences between French Bulldogs and Pugs


French Bulldogs.


 The French bulldogs are successors of bulldogs that were owned by an Ancient Greek tribe, the Molossians. They were used as attack dogs in blood spots until the practice was banned during the 1830s. The first of the breed was brought into existence through crossing bulldogs from England and local ratters in France after their owners' immigrated to France for better opportunities.

 Unlike the French bulldog, the pug back in history. The pug originated from China. They were presented as prizes by people from royal families. In the 16th century, they were imported to Europe and they became popular within the royalties such as the House of Orange of the Netherlands and the House of Stuart. Later on, in the 19th century, they became a favorite by Queen Victoria's royal family.

Dog Training

French Bulldogs


Unlike pugs, training French bulldogs is not as challenging despite the fact that they quickly lose interest in repetitive activities. With Poppy, I solved this by having shorter sessions which included giving him treats. This actually made his training easy and led to better results. It took me about 6 months to fully train poppy and turns him into a good boy.

 When it comes to training, pugs are more challenging and require more patience and time. They are stubborn and independent and get bored more quickly. It is advisable to train your pug during their first six months. This comes with a major challenge as during the first 6 months, their muscles are not fully developed and they are unable to control their bowels. Because of this, I would advise on seeking help from a professional trainer.



 Shedding of hair

French Bulldogs


They shed their hair moderately. With Poppy, I never even seem to notice his hair around. This saves me time on vacuuming and makes me less worried about having to carry his hair around on my sweaters.

 Compared to French bulldogs, they shed frequently. And by that, I mean daily. Unless dog hair all over your furniture doesn't bother you, pugs aren't for you.




French Bulldogs


 Are more adaptable to new environments.

 Take more time to adapt to new environments.

Good with kids

French Bulldogs.


 French bulldogs are good and friendly with kids if it grows with them. When kept away from them most of the time, they may be unfriendly. I always make a point of having

Poppy hang out with my toddler nephews for them to have a nice relationship.

 Pugs are naturally good with kids as they are affectionate, energetic and playful. They are the preferred option to hang with your kids.



Health Issues

French Bulldogs.


 French Bulldogs have a number of health issues to be aware of. Click here to read more about common French Bulldog health issues.

Pugs have numerous health problems because of their impaired body capabilities. I know what you are thinking.


Pros & Cons of French Bulldogs and Pugs.


French Bulldogs


⦁    Their affectionate nature makes them great for families.

⦁    Their compact size makes them suitable for people with relatively small apartments as they are comfortable indoors.

⦁    They do not bark much so you don't have to worry about complaints from neighbors. For Poppy, he only barks when strangers are in the house.

⦁    Due to their popularity, there is a huge community of people who own them making it easy to reach out for help or advice from other owners.

⦁    Their coat is easy to clean.

⦁    They are polite and relate well to other pets.

⦁    They shed hair less frequently which makes them ideal for people who dislike having dog hair in their house and car.

⦁    They are friendly with kids hence ideal for families.

⦁    They are suitable for people in flats or smaller apartments since they require a little living space.

⦁    They only require moderate exercise. You don't have to take them for a walk because they could just run around the house and be fine.

⦁    Despite being hard to train, they can be easily trained with basic commands such as sit, stay or no.

⦁    They are friendly to your furniture and carpet provided you give them a toy to play with.



French bulldogs


⦁    They cannot swim. I always ensure that Poppy has his life jacket on when he is around water or when we go for walk on the beach.

⦁    They have digestion issues. Poppy’s poop used to have an awful smell until I started feeding him with Royal Canin dog food which helped him with his digestion issues.

⦁    They have fragile bones and could break their legs simply from jumping off a sofa or bed.

⦁    Better to use a dog harness rather than dog collar

⦁    Pugs cannot swim. To avoid an accident, equip your pug with a life jacket.

⦁    Pugs shed their hair more frequently.

⦁    Pugs are too clingy and if left alone for long, they could easily suffer from depression.

⦁    Pugs require frequent visits to the vet due to their endless list of health issues. This makes them expensive to take care of.

⦁    They are harder to get trained and require more training.

⦁    They are heat sensitive, therefore, they need delicate caring.

⦁    Their flat shaped face makes them snore almost all the time.


Final Opinion

Both the Frenchies and pugs are ideal for families. However, for a young family, a Frenchie is ideal due to its outstanding behavior and traits.

Frenchies are also ideal for people on a small budget since they have fewer health issues compared to pugs. On the other hand, if you want a loyal companion pugs might be the best option for you.

Weighing all the pros and cons together, the French bulldog stands out when it comes to adaptability, health, expense, and cleanliness.

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Shanna Thompson - May 5, 2019

I have two frenchies and strongly disagree with some of these. they shed a lot. Our furniture and hardwood is constantly covered in small dog hairs. They bark a lot- at least on of them, and the other has accrued almost 15K in medical bills. I do agree they love kids and love to play though.

Shanna Thompson - May 5, 2019

I have two frenchies and strongly disagree with some of these. they shed a lot. Our furniture and hardwood is constantly covered in small dog hairs. They bark a lot- at least on of them, and the other has accrued almost 15K in medical bills. I do agree they love kids and love to play though.

Natalie - September 23, 2018

My pug loves to swim! She’s constantly jumping in any body of water, she will jump inside the bathtub and sit until I turn the water on. Her dad was that way too.

Liana - May 28, 2018

Hello, I really like how you compared pugs and french bulldogs and it really gave me a new perspective. But I would like to ask, pugs are known as a lap dogs that will follow you around, is it same with french bulldogs? Are french bulldogs bigger than pugs and if yes, are not they too big to sit on your lap?

Carole Brosseau - May 28, 2018

Can a French bulldog be jealous of a pug. Let me explain, I have 2 pugs and I shall be babysitting 2 french bull dogs but when we introduce them last saturday one of the french bull dog snapped at my pug because I was giving her some affection. Any suggestions why and what to do? Thank you !

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