How Long Do French Bulldogs Live For?

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live For?

It’s not uncommon to consider how long your dog will live when you are thinking to bring one into your home and your life. You want to ensure that you can provide your pet with a loving home for the entirety of its life. You’ll want to get a sense of the depth of responsibility that you are undertaking. And sadly, you’ll have to face that day when your pet, your companion, your Frenchie has died. And you’ll have to go on without your companion and friend. 

So how long do French bulldogs typically live?

Under ideal and optimum conditions, French Bulldogs can expect to have a moderate life expectancy, especially when compared to other small breeds. They typically live to around 12 years of age. They are exceptions, of course. French Bulldogs have been known to live up to 15 or 16 years, but that is not typical. Health factors can creep in and can affect the lifespan of your Frenchie. If your Frenchie came from a suspicious breeder or a puppy mill, and you have rescued him, then there’s the good chance that he’ll encounter health problems and have a shorter lifespan.

A kennel cough and other common canine ailments can decrease a French bulldog’s lifespan and quality of life, as well. Working with an AKC-registered breeder who exhibits a professional, clean, caring, and responsible kennel is the way to go. Don’t even consider trusting a breeder who’s trying to raise 4-5 litters in a tight space and with less than stellar resources. If you feel that you’re in the presence of an unprofessional breeder, by all means, report them to the authorities. Irresponsible breeders can and should be put out of business.

Now when you bring home your Frenchie, you’ll want to consider Frenchie-proofing your home. That’s going to be a lot like baby-proofing your house to keep your new pet safe. Frenchie-proofing your home means taking great pains to secure the interior as well as the exterior wherever possible. French bulldogs will get into anything they can due to their curious nature. Unfortunately, there can be dangers lurking right underfoot, without our knowledge. Case in point: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s one-month-old French bulldog, Brutus. Brutus was playing outside and came across something new and exciting: a mushroom. Unfortunately, the mushroom was toxic, and Brutus died shortly after. A tragic, but true story. Make sure you have safe chew toys around, or they’ll be chewing up your furniture and things. They need to work their jaws to avoid aches and pains. Being considerate of your Frenchie’s needs and showing your love and care for him will extend his life and give the two of you more quality time together.

How long should I crate my French Bulldog?

Life for a French bulldog should be full of love, but they’ll need their downtime from time to time. Their crate should be a place of refuge if they feel lonely or overstimulated. Either way, their crate should not come to symbolize a prison cell. Crating is OK when it is done with parameters. No more than one hour a day should a dog be caged in his crate or kenneled. Be sure to consider if you can live with your Frenchie being out and about among the family when you are home. Know that Frenchies should not be crated for hours on end when you leave for work. That’s a situation ripe for disaster. 

Don’t leave your dog crated for more than an hour. When you’re home, you can always leave the door to the crate open and cover the crate with a towel and secure a few toys inside. Your Frenchie should feel welcome to come to his crate if he wants a respite and feel it is a place of comfort, not of punishment. Crating for more than an hour at a time can depress his mood and lower his morale. When this happens, you’d be adversely affecting his lifespan. It wouldn’t be right. When choosing a pet, pick one you can comfortably, responsibly, and humanely take care of. By taking care to make your Frenchie’s crate a place of comfort and refuge, you are extending his life by making him a happier dog. 

Monitor your Frenchie’s health to keep your dog happy. He’ll need regular walks (make sure you use a dog harness for your French Bulldog) and regular visit to the Vet like any dog for regular visits, but since French bulldogs can be prone to health issues, you should watch to make sure he isn’t falling ill. Regular visits should happen every three months or so. Lab work that involves blood work, for instance, can help determine the health of your Frenchie and even suggest how long your dog may live, depending on what existing deficiencies your French bulldog may already have. He’ll need the usual shots and treatments for heartworm and fleas, for instance. The visits to the Vet will also give you ideas for how to improve his diet, what is too much, what is lacking.

The best nutrition plan for your Frenchie may involve some vitamins and supplements as well. Don’t think you can go to the Vet’s office only in dire emergencies. But if an emergency arises, be sure to have the 24/7 animal clinic number and name nearby. You’ll be nervous enough without having to find the number at the time of said emergency. Toxic plants chew toys that were too small or household items that are ingested can all call for an emergency.

Finally, be sure to watch your Frenchie around water sources such as pools. It’s your job as your pet’s owner to take care of your pet and provide a safe environment for your Frenchie to grow up in. You’re hoping to have a long and loving relationship with your French bulldog, and you will if you follow this advice. Know that you are your Frenchie’s best source of longevity! Keep him and his environment healthy, and you’ll be all set. Vive la Frenchie!

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