How much are Boston Terriers?

How much are Boston Terriers?

How Much Are Boston Terriers?

How Much Are Boston Terriers?

So you're probably wondering how much do Boston Terrier Cost? Well, you've come to the right place!

Boston Terriers are one of our favorite breeds because they're adorable and they usually have charming temperaments. They have an all-around friendliness exhibited towards all family members (adults and children), their friends and even strangers. Children can safely play with them as they are truly affectionate creatures. They barely shed, are highly intelligent, easy to train and very energetic and with their big googly eyes, small head and pointy ears, what's not to love about these cute little fellows?

But please note that Boston Terriers are what's called a brachycephalic dog breed, which just means their face is squished in. This squishy really messes with their sinuses, which is also why they snore. Unfortunately, the shortened nasal sinus also decreases the sinus surface area enough to ruin their ability to cool off by panting, so can have problems with heat and a number of health-related issues.

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Do you still want to consider getting a Boston Terrier?

A well-bred purebred Boston Terrier (an AKC registered Boston Terrier that comes with ancestry papers. They should ideally have a white shawl collar around the neck and the top of the head, are black and white with no brindle. docked tails and should be about 13 inches in height and be alert and active) can be anywhere between $1,000–2,000.

Some of the "rarer" colored Boston Terriers can cost up to $5000.

On the other hand, a dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue may be $35–500 depending on age, region, and the particular organization.

Start your search for a well-bred puppy here:

The Boston Terrier Club Of America

They also have links to breed rescue.

Make sure to stay away from buying Boston Terriers from:

  • That friend who bred his pet dog
  • A craigslist ad
  • A newspaper ad


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