7 Awesome Tips For Walking Your Corgi

7 Awesome Tips For Walking Your Corgi

The Corgi has become one of the most popular to own breeds around the world. These former herding dogs boast some of the most joyful and affectionate types of characteristics than any other breed. Although they are affectionate, they aren’t very needy and can be very independent, which is the perfect combination for any pet lover. This is why so many people have taken such a liking to these known “dwarf” dogs and their adorable faces.

These smart and fearless breeds are definitely getting the attention of future and current pet owners. Corgis are athletic so it makes sense that they receive adequate exercise, regularly. They are able to handle more than it seems so it’s important to cater to their physical needs. These strong little guys come in small packages but their personalities expand their size. Although they are very self-sufficient, Corgis need special attention when it comes to walking them on a daily basis. Believe it or not, there are some great tips available for ensuring you’re walking your Corgi in the best ways possible. Here are 7 awesome tips for walking your Corgi.

  1. Allot enough time for your dog walk.

Since Corgis require ample time for exercise, you should be mindful about the time you designate for dog walks. The ideal timeframe ranges anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes. Corgis do have deep chests so it makes it easier for them to go for long dog walks without getting very winded like other small breeds. Since they originally were used as herding dogs, you can be certain that they’re able to hold their own on longer walks.

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  1. Be sure to walk in front of your dog.

When you walk in front of your Corgi, you’re showing him who the Alpha species is. Especially since they have such domineering personalities, it’s important to show him who’s boss right from the beginning. It’s also essential for you to be the first one out the door as well as back into the door. This will translate to your Corgi that you are still the Alpha between the both of you. He may be a cute little guy, but if you don’t set boundaries in the beginning, he will definitely test his limits and get away with things.

  1. Keep the leash as short as possible.

When you extend the leash, you’re giving your dog too much free reign and opportunities to get into things along your path. Instead, you should shorten the leash as much as you’ll allow as well as what fits his comfort level. Be sure to also use a dog harness when walking your Corgi with the leash. He may tend to pull so using a harness for your Corgi helps to keep him safe and comfortable at all times. The Tribal Waves Dog Harness is a great option as it provides obedience training as well as cool styles to fit your Corgi’s personality. Plus, they are very affordable, which won’t break the bank, or your dog’s circulation when he pulls.

  1. Provide your dog with a reward DURING the walk.

As you begin watching your Corgi along the walk, you’ll probably notice that he will soon, with proper guidance, earn a little trust from you. This will be your opportunity to give him a small reward. This can be something like lengthening the leash a bit or allowing him to relieve himself nearby. Maybe you’ll give him the chance to sniff nearby plants. Either way, your Corgi will be able to equate his positive behavior and how it has led him to positive rewards. Over time, he will understand that walks can continue to happen so long as he continues exhibits positive behavior.

  1. Continue to show Alpha characteristics following the end of the walk.

When you walk through the door, your Corgi will be most excited to enter and probably get to the nearest source of water. This is your chance to show your Corgi that you’re still in control as long as you do it in a timely and effective manner. Remove your shoes, keys, other personal items and then his Corgi harness. He will see that you’re still Alpha of the household as your needs come before his in this process. Then, soon after, you can release him to be on his own.

  1. Consider giving your Corgi a reward after the walk.

Afterward, giving your dog a small treat or food may help him understand that he needs to work for his treats. If he wants to receive a treat or reward, he will equate behaving well on the walk with receiving something positive at the end. So, essentially, you’ll have multiple opportunities to train him in obedience, even after a walk.

  1. Understand that it can be trial and error.

When you first start taking your Corgi on walks, you may notice that some things work better than others. The leash or harness you’re using may not have been the right size for your dog. The path you took may have been a little longer than you both could handle. The time of day you went for a walk may have been too hot for comfort. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, reflect and make any necessary changes. Use all of these experiences as a way to discover the perfect methods and resources for you and your pet. Eventually, you will find the perfect schedule and methods that work well for the both of you.

Corgis pack some serious punch with their short and powerful legs. They are great companions for any pet owner and you can reciprocate this loyalty by giving them the best possible life. This life should be full of food, walks and love. The great thing is that you won’t feel any neediness from these breeds since they are so independent. They will give you all the loving and soon be on their own way afterward. Owning a Corgi can definitely be one of the most enlightening and rewarding experiences. Just be sure to show your little guy as much love as possible. 

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