What is the Best Collar and Leash for my French Bulldog?

What is the Best Collar and Leash for my French Bulldog?

You’ve finally brought home your new French Bulldog and have also begun to acclimate him to your home and surroundings. The two biggest priorities you have are to keep him happy and healthy. Aside from your love and devotion to his well-being, you’re going to want to ensure his safety at all times.

Of course, one of the first things you want to get him is a collar, leash and harness. All dogs should have collars and leashes for not only identification purposes but safety as well. Then, a harness will be ideal for when you decide to take him on strolls outside the home. So, what is the best collar and leash for your French Bulldog? Consider the following characteristics when finding the perfect fit for your four-legged friend.

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Imagine having to wear the same belt or scarf every single day, for the rest of your life. For your little Frenchie, this is going to be the case with his collar. This is why it’s so important to consider comfort for his neck and overall well-being. Then, what follows is finding the perfect leash that provides stability for your pet and is easy for you to manage as well.

Before grabbing the first collar and leash set that you see, simply because it’s eye-catching, feel out the material underneath. If it’s soft enough for your skin, then you’ll know it’s soft enough for your Frenchie. If there are ridges and discomfort when you run your finger along the collar and leash, you should consider something else. You don’t want him constantly meddling with his neck because the collar gives him discomfort. Typically, leather or nylon is always your best bet when it comes to comfort for both you and your pet.

Don’t forget to pair your collar and leash combo with a reliable and comfortable dog harness as well. Collars are great for everyday wear, but when taking your doggy for a walk or outside the home, it’s essential to have a harness that keeps him safe and secure at all times. A leash attached to the collar is not recommended when walking your pet. It can choke your guy when he pulls, and he will pull! Also, he may slip out of the collar, putting himself in real danger.

PorkyPaws has an adjustable Little Robots option that would be ideal for comfort as well as teaching obedience. French Bulldogs are top heavy and tend to have respiratory issues. A harness would help them stabilize their breathing as they will pull on a daily walk. It will prevent them from choking, indeed. Not to mention, it’s super easy to put on so you can be on your way in a snap! You can be sure that he won’t be slipping through or choking himself out.


Collars and leashes should withstand all types of environmental factors since your doggy will be wearing them at least 95% of his lifetime. Of course, it only makes sense that durability is a strong factor when finding the best collar and leash combo for your French Bulldog. As he will be getting into almost everything and rolling around, the last thing you want to worry about is his collar coming off and placing him at risk. Rain or shine, choose a collar and leash that’s going to make it through all the terrain that your pup plans to endure.

Some people prefer to have a leash that will allow the owner to give the dog some slack in distance. Retractable versions give owners the chance to train their pups in obedience by either letting them have more freedom or tightening the reins.


Practicality is always going to be the first priority when choosing the best collar and leash for your French Bulldog. After considering all mentioned characteristics, though, you always want to keep in mind that your little one should have a bit of style to show off his rambunctious personality.

Match your collar and leash, for one. It doesn’t necessarily matter what color scheme you’re going for, as long as the two match. If your doggie is a playful character, maybe you should consider getting him some bright colors. Mellow personalities might prefer neutral color combinations.

And of course, finish off the pair with the PorkyPaws Little Robot harness. There are multiple color and pattern options to choose from that would be perfect for your special French Bulldog. The colors are also neutral enough, regardless of your pup’s gender.


All other considerations aside, you don’t want to break the bank when getting your collar and leash for your French Bulldog. After the adoption fees, dog food, vet fees and more, owning a dog, especially at the beginning, can be costly. Yes, the emotional rewards are worth it, but money is also an important factor. Rest assured, you have many options that will help you stay within your financial budgets.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the cost of your harness under $40. Anything over that is not necessary unless you’re paying for designer brands. PorkyPaws harnesses are all in this price range and do the job effectively.

Putting it All Together

There are many comfortable, durable, stylistic and affordable versions of collars and leashes out there. Plus, in order to keep your pup safe and sound, it’s essential to add in a harness to complete your dog ownership necessities. All three - collar, leash and harness - would be ideal and a sure way to keep a comfortable and close eye on these little hyper breeds. They are very active and need to be walked on a regular basis. This is only more reason to find the right collar and leash for your little one.

What it comes down to is finding one that fits the needs of you as an owner and your pet. All dogs, just like their owners, have their own styles and necessities. Once you consider all of these factors, you can better gauge and choose the options that will make your Frenchie very happy. He was meant to live a fulfilling and healthy life. You can help him achieve this with responsible pet ownership and supplying him with the proper tools and training.


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