Why French Bulldogs Make The Best Friends!

Why French Bulldogs Make The Best Friends!

Why French Bulldogs Make The Best Friends!

The French Bulldog ranks as the 6th most favorite dog in the United States according to the American Kennel Club, and with good reason. Read on and find out why French bulldogs make the best companions.

French bulldogs were specifically bred to be lapdogs

 Although their exact origins remain quite a mystery since their history cannot be traced to a single and definite root, their story basically goes back to old England. During the 1800s, lace makers would habitually use their bulldog puppies as lap warmers, since their profession requires them to sit for hours on end. It is said that when these workers voyaged to France to expand their lace industry, they brought along their lapdogs. These English bulldogs were eventually crossbred with local ratters, thus creating the more petite “bouledogues français,” or the French bulldog. Being a cross between these two amiable breeds most probably explains why French bulldogs make the best companions.

They are not as loud as other dogs

If you’re looking for a pet that won’t unnecessarily disturb your neighbors or your sleeping children, then French bulldogs are a good fit for you. Of course, they still bark and howl, but not as much as other dogs. Some French bulldog owners claim that their relatively quiet pets resort to barking only when circumstances call for it. They also tend to howl when left alone for too long. So if you are to leave your dog all alone, one trick to keep him calm and quiet is to keep the TV or the radio on, or whatever source of white noise your pet is accustomed to. Another tip is to find him a companion, another dog, cat or whatever, to keep him company. French bulldogs are quite social butterflies that demand lots of attention and constant companionship. It is best to use a dog harness for French Bulldogs when taking them on walks.

These bat-eared cuties are just the right size for kids or the elderly

Because of their small physique, French Bulldogs are less intimidating to the more sensitive or frail members of your family.  And owning one won’t be problematic even if you happen to live in a shoebox apartment, a friend’s basement or your parents’ garage even. Also, their stocky frame doesn’t require much exercise.

They’re both funny and fun-loving

Due to their short snouts, French Bulldogs tend to make funny noises and often snore when they sleep, characteristics that dog-lovers find endearing. They also love chasing balls and playing both indoors and outdoors. And come night time, you’ll most likely find them snoring on the sofa.

French Bulldogs have a mild temperament

While most people may be deceived by their perpetually frowning faces, French bulldogs are actually very friendly, sweet and affectionate. And although housebreaking them may take a while, they seldom develop squabbles with fellow dogs or other animals. They are also well-behaved even in the presence of new people, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your guests. Their phlegmatic temperament is a major reason why French bulldogs make the best companions for your kids, your aging parents, and the entire family.

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