Tug-of-War Dog Rope Toy


ADDICTIVE FOR DOGS! – As a dog owner, you’ll already know that dogs love to chew and will rip up anything in sight if they don’t have their own toy. Porkypaws’s Dog Ropes are hard wearing and strong enough to withstand the sharpest of teeth! Your dog won’t want to let go, exercising their strength and releasing frustration.

BENEFICIAL FOR DOG'S TEETH - Our special cotton weaving is designed to help your dog's teeth and gums healthy development. The textured weaved surface is also enjoyed by adult dogs and may help clean their gums and teeth. 

SAFE FOR DOGS – Our Dog Ropes are made with high quality materials which means the fibre is safe for your dog to chew, with no chemicals or plastic, just hours of satisfaction and fun for your much loved pet

EXERCISE WITH YOUR PET– Dogs are the most sociable of animals, so they need stimulation and interaction from you in order to truly enjoy playtime! You’ll get a workout by tugging the rope and your dog will benefit physically and mentally from the exercise and bonding our product allows!

TOP QUALITY AND GOOD VALUE –With no fraying or ripping of their favorite toy, you know your money has been well spent and will keep your pet happy, safe and excitable.


Total Rope Length - 25cm

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