About Us

Hi Fellow Dog Lover!

Thanks for dropping by.

I bet you're wondering why the name Porkypaws and how I even came up with this business idea...Well, grab a cup of tea my friend and let me tell you why!

I was a full-time arts student in textile & visual communication and have and have an insatiable appetite for colour and patterns. I remember stopping off at the pet store to grab my puppy, Toby, a new harness and lead, however, everything that was on offer was bland and did not provide what I was looking for, a harness with great support, a splash of colour (or maybe a lot in my case!) and that actually fit well.

And so, Porkypaws was born! As for the name, the inspiration came from Toby.
He had the cutest chubbiest little paws in the world and so I nicknamed him Porky!

It's important that I offer value to you in more ways than one and I've spent days on end talking to my fellow pet owners, designers and even vets about 'what makes a perfect harness'. I can't promise perfection but I do promise you my word that I've designed the harness with safety, fit and quality in mind. 

I hope you enjoy Porkypaws products and be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Lots of Love, 

Stef & Toby (Porkypaws Owners)